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Told you it wouldn’t be very long!

Straight from Germany, here is the Elemental Witch of Electricity, Ginger Krieg:

 photo GingerKrieg_zps12c6533c.png
Name: Blitz
Alias: Ginger Krieg
Team Affiliation: Coven of Strom
Enemies: Coven of Iarann, Coven of Tonnta, Jeanine van Dark, Society of Foes, William Ernst (Power Suit), the B.R.I.D.E.
Race: Human
Birthplace: Berlin, Germany
Powers/Abilities: Electrokinesis, Superhuman agility and reflexes, Natural hand-to-hand fighter.
Bio: Ginger Krieg was born into the Coven of Strom, a group of electricity-manipulating witches given their power by an unusual concentration of Knavium-enriched copper (the same alloy William Ernst’s suit is composed of) in their blood.
Strom Witches have the ability to ionize the air around them and focus it into energy blasts, constructs, or concentrate it near their skin, enabling them to fly. Being in tune with electricity has also had an effect on their metabolism, enhancing their speed and healing time, making them the perfect warriors. Coven Supremes are said to be able to summon electrical storms from the Earth’s atmosphere.
Late in the war, Ginger took a job as an electrical engineer at HallowGen in an effort to get close to Tempora, the last surviving time witch whom she was assigned to kill. The explosion that crippled Frank and led to Greta Holz becoming Redwulf also provided Ginger with the opening she needed to ingratiate herself with her target’s son. Frank promoted her to a supervisory position on the P.A.T.C.H. project, and she proved instrumental in the design and implementation of the suit’s offensive capabilities (which, to a limited degree, replicate her own powers).
She has teamed with Frank and his allies on several occasions, inconveniently sidelining her assassination attempts to deal with attacks by Power Suit, the B.R.I.D.E., and the Holz twins, among others.