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Great work! Love the posing, costumes, shading and stories. My favorite may be Greece: Heather Stevens (Hearth/Hestia) Hestia being our Matron Goddess on the hall altar I’ll keep checking in with you to see what other awesomeness you’ve done. :D

Thanks, cliff! Deep in the forums there should be an old thread with Heather’s bio in it, but I have already decided to retcon her and the rest of my Olympian characters when I get to them. The general idea is that the original Olympian Twelve passed their powers on to mortals and left our dimension in the face of changing times. These empowered mortals (the “New Olympians,” most of whom grew up in and around Olympia, WA) are going to be like my X-Men team, whereas Clockwork is more of an Avengers-style group. You will meet the New Olympians at some point after I re-hash Clockwork’s Plague event, which has brought to light the presence of beyond-natural beings in our world. Holding facilities have been erected around the world to contain those who are unable to control their abilities, one of which will turn out to be the residence of Heather Stevens, codename “Hearth.” As the unifying member of the as-yet-unformed team, Hearth has the ability to mimic or amplify the powers of other Olympian-gifted individuals when she is in proximity to them and/or thinking about them. So far, being near too many New Olympians at a given time has proven taxing on her psyche and renders her incapable of focusing the power she gains from them.

That’s a nice pose! I tried to pull it off with my fire warrior, too. It’s not easy and I applaud your effort!

I’m honestly not going to try to put much intricacy or effort into my new Elemental Witch. Just your basic skin-tight suit in a German flag palette with my usual level of shading. And maybe some fishnet lightning bolt cut-outs. And an electric “haaaaaaaaadooooooooooooken!” 🙂