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@Cliff: Wow, you really did go through my gallery didn’t you. I’m glad you like my stuff (especially the fact you singled out the faun, I love that one too). I dunno what the feasibility of the Heromachine awards would be, it was just a silly idea I came up with last year as a bit of fun. The CDC fave is a thing though, Character Of The Year (rather than Character Of The Week), which is basically a CDC where all the winners of contests throughout the year get put into a few polls as play offs and then the winners of those polls get put into a final poll and the winner gets crowned COTY. I did it last year and it  got a fantastic turn out so I’ll do it again this year, starting in December. Same sort of time as the Santa Swap, though SS will probably be exactly on the 1st whereas COTY will be the first Monday in December (checks calendar, and it is actually  Monday the 1st *facepalm*). There’ll probably be a few christmas themed CDC’s as well, I love the winter season.

Oh, have you figured out what’s so special about CDC97 yet?