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MadJack, you aren’t making this easy are you?

Great use of 2 companions. Took me a while to figure out how you did the curly hair on her LOL.

I have been needing curly hair for some characters, now I can just use her head and different body. So thanks!


Here is my villain entry.


on his skull throne

He’s a necromancer from ancient Greece.

He was originally named Amaranthos, he raised around death, his fathers side was Warriors, his Mother’s was healers and priests.

He fell in love with Kallos, a rich merchant’s son and they were very happy till Kallos was thrown from a horn on a hunting trip and struck his head and died


Amaranthos wanted to kill himself, but an old man stopped him. He was the necromancer Thanakles.

Thanakles promised to bring Kallos back if Amaranthos would become his apprentice and help him become a Lich.


Amaranthos changed his name to Nekrotikus, several physical changes happened to him over time as well, his hair bleached out, he lost weight, his skin became pale .

Thanakles, had Nekrotikus kill his own father to resurrect his dead lover.

Kallos spirit didn’t want to come back from the Elusian Fields.

Nekrotikus felt betrayed by Thanakles and killed him instead of helping him become a lich.

His favorite tactic is to kill someone and raise them and let them fight their former companions.

He likes to go to battlefields and raise the dead and have them take out both sides just to summon the God of Death Thanatos who he has fallen in love with.

Homeros is a sickly teen apprentice, in the picture he’s is on Nekrotikus right hand.

He has zombie and skeleton guards.


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