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Wolf Master

Next up from the night watch is Springheeled Jack.

Jack was once a bad criminal, he would often mug people in the street and was an expert thief. But when his accomplice and lover the Scarlet Blade was kidnapped by a gang he mistakenly tried steal from he, in desperation, called on the night watch for help. They where reluctant knowing who that he was a criminal, in the end he made a deal that he would join them if they helped him out which they eventually accepted. After this he became a core member of the group and his skill are incredible handy for the team. He can move silently, is incredibly agile, has extraordinary eyesight, can wall run, climb expertly and jump incredible height. He is also very skilled with his pair of daggers. He is currently engaged too Mirage a former member  of the legendary legion now a member of the night watch along with her good friend brawler who is secretly jealous of their relationship.

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