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Really love the shading on la Morte.

Thanks again, Stulte.

Something a little different today story-wise. My latest entry into the Elemental Witch series isn’t a witch. She doesn’t belong to a coven. She technically isn’t even human. But I’m still calling her the Elemental Witch of Darkness. Based on Joan of Arc, here’s the immortal (literally…almost) Jeanine van Dark.

 photo JeaninevanDark_zpsb5ebefe2.png

Name: Jeanine van Dark
Known Aliases: Joan of Arc, Jeanne d’Arc, The Maid of Orleans, Jane Metzer, Jenna Orlan, Jenny Lux
Team Affiliations: French Army (1429-1430), Coven of Loinnir, The Enforcers, The Bodak Corps (currently active)
Enemies: Serene Deargad, Coven of Loinnir, Dracula, Shadow King, Black Marble, le Milieu, Yakuza
Race: Unknown Humanoid
Birthplace: Unknown
Powers/Abilities: Immortality (possibly through rebirth), Shapeshifting, Power over shadows and darkness, Psychic communication with other darkness elementals, Resistance to control by other darkness elementals, Skilled swordswoman and hand-to-hand combatant.
Bio: The woman currently known as Jeanine van Dark was created to be a living weapon, a biological prototype for what would eventually become the bracelet technology now used by the Bodak Corps. As a test run, she was stripped of the memory of her origin and sent to 1400’s France in human form, where she grew into the warrior whom history remembers as Joan of Arc. As she famously led the French military, “Joan” heard voices that advised her in her conquests. Raised as she was by a religious family, she believed these orders came from the mouth of God. As it turned out, this was just her Darkness abilities manifesting, allowing her to receive communications from the Shadow King, who hoped to manipulate her into bringing him a worthy army with which to conquer our world as his own.
But members of the Coven of Loinnir (witches of light) serving as advisors to the Burgundian government caught on to the Shadow King’s plot and had “Joan” captured, tried, and burned at the stake.
She would be reborn several times throughout history, eventually coming to blows with Dracula (a battle that would also introduce her to Tempora, the time witch) and making her way to modern times, where she would join the ongoing Wiccan war, infiltrating and systematically dismantling the Coven of Loinnir under the alias “Jenny Lux.” She later joined the Enforcers as an active consultant, fighting the likes of Destinee la Mort and Sukoshi Kurosutsu, and secretly investigating the deaths of the five L’Orange sisters. Her alliance with Tempora would resume after the war, when she helped the members of Clockwork defeat Dracula and the Shadow King. Now she serves as a member of the Bodak Corps, still unaware of her origins as their precursor. But that could change at any time….