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Wolf Master

Next up from the nigh watch is grenadier.

At first glance he may look rather normal and unintelligent, a lot of the time he acts like it too. But he is in fact a genius. He has an unmatched understanding of maths and physics which allow him to calculate the exact right angle of projection to hit a target. This means he virtually never misses and can throw a grenade extremely far and still get a hit on target. A long with his intelligence he also has an incredibly strong throwing arm allowing to throw a grenade over hundreds of meters and he is also a talented bomb maker. He works as a university professor of physics and maths and also regularly puts his throwing arm in to use playing a variety of sports such as cricket and baseball. He is a founding member of the night watch and is in the most part responsible for its creation. When walking home from a late night marking essays at work he came across the blank detective fighting a gang, as he was about to be stabbed the professor throw a stone which caught the gangster and knocked him out saving the blank detective from injury. After originally joining him as a a duo he suggested that they form a team to truly stop crime on the streets of the city, the blank detective agreed and even suggested he be leader but he rejected this offer knowing the blank detective would be a better leader.

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