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Another Elemental Witch for you today, and a little change of pace. The last few Elemental characters were fairy tale/literature-inspired, and displayed some use of magical energy. None of that applies to today’s character. Meet Destinee la Mort, Elemental Witch of Fate and member of the Hit Squad.

 photo DestineeLaMort_zps09d20dee.png
Name: Death Rose
Alias: Destinee la Mort
Team Affiliations: Coven du Sort, le Milieu, The Hit Squad
Enemies: Lady Luck (I), Fifth Hour, Sextant, Coven of Adh
Race: Human
Birthplace: Derry, Ireland
Powers/Abilities: Manipulation of probability and chance, Expert marksmanship, can predict (and sometimes cause or prevent) any person’s impending death, including her own.
Bio: The Coven of Adh, a group of Elemental Witches born with an unknown Knavium compound in their blood (presumably related to the substance that gives Temporal Witches their abilities) that makes them sensitive to the mechanism of quantum probability. Usually, the Witches of Adh prefer to save lives with their power and bring prosperity to those around them by using chance to their advantage. In her time, Brenda Suerte was such a Witch, although she didn’t know it yet.
But every so often, someone is born to the Coven with darker ambitions. Raised by her French parents (one of whom was descended from the Coven bloodline), Destinee la Mort inherited that quantum knowledge and was sent to train under the Adh Witches and learn mastery of her gift. But when she came of age, something in her changed and she became sensitive not to the prosperity and whimsy of chance, but to the dark and inevitable nature of fate. Her ability to foresee, prevent, and cause “random” deaths soon made her an outcast to the Coven, and she was forced to flee to France, where she happened upon the Coven du Sort, a local faction of exiled Fate sympathizers whom she would later rally in a revenge campaign against their former coven.
Following the war, Destinee put her combat skills to use as a member of the Hit Squad, under the codename “Death Rose,” and become a highly paid assassin for the Milieu crime syndicate. She is perpetually at odds with Lady Luck (a.k.a. Brenda Suerte).