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Guess I’m a teensy bit late with catching up on the forums, but anyways, here I go!

Art trade with JR (I did his elf warrior, and he did Oberon):



I’ve recently came up with an idea for the leaders of Antia. They’re based off of the Zodiac, and so far, I’ve done at least half of them.

Lady Ambiva (Scorpio)

Proclaim Traits: people of unknown specialty; slightly unpredictable; not neutral, but all alignments

Symbol: Everchanging Flower


Queens Cerien and Janelli (Gemini)

Proclaim Traits: researchers of magic; watchers of Antian magic research

Symbol: Dragon Canis


Princess Ruth and Phippia (Pisces)

Proclaim Traits: wanders; nomads; refugees

Symbol: Silver-Gilded Star



Dame Alveri (Virgo)

Proclaim Traits: calm guardians of Antia; only go into action during times of great distress; methodological

Symbol: Sturdy Sapling



Keeper of the Flow Echid (Aquarius)

Proclaim Traits: artisans who attribute their inspirations to the unchanging chaos flow of the many rivers that flow through their land; strongly detached from the other eleven proclaims

Symbol: Chaos River



Isra (Sagittarius)

Proclaim Traits: fiercely independent; quite detached from other eleven proclaims; main unifier is a great joy of the hunt of anything, otherwise greatly disjointed

Symbol: no unifying symbol


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