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I have returned!

Name(s): The Handsome Stranger & The Lovely Maiden

Age: (both) Mid-20s

Height: (Stranger) 6’3, (Maiden) 5’4

Powers/Abilities: (both) Master Assassins, Stealth Tactics, Blade Proficiency

Equipment: (Stranger) Chinese Broadsword, (Maiden) Two Kama, (both) various guns

Alignment: Neutral/Villain

The deadly duo known only as The Handsome Stranger & The Lovely Maiden, have made life beyond difficult for the heroes of the world. Hailing from Japan, these two assassins have found themselves hired by CHIMERA frequently, a politician here, a police officer there, and a few up-and-coming heroes. Recently, the two have been hired by an influential businessman by the name of Hideyoshi Katama, for unknown reasons.


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