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A Wielder Magic user who controls the four elements of Fire, Water, Earth and Air through his four orbs, Kamizu Nokiriha is considered the most powerful member of Honotamashi, second only to the master, and even then there are those who speculate otherwise. However, Kamizu is not one to pay heed to such idle rumours. He keeps himself to himself and rarely accepts challenges from his fellow members. However, when he does battle it is clear to see why he is considered the most powerful wizard of his house, mastery of more than one of the classical elements is rare enough, but to control four simultaneously with as much power and precision as he has makes for a formidable and almost unbeatable opponent. He is the only member of the house never to have been defeated by Hikari in a contest and the only member to hold an outright victory over her, his four pronged attacks making it impossible for her to accurately predict or defend from his attacks, even with her Soul Magic.

(This one is a revamp of an old character that I thought fit the setting. Dunno how many more of these I’m going to do. Obviously I need to do the Master of Honotmashi and a few villains and I’ve got another one already done, but not shaded, but I have no idea as to what to do with it in terms of story. I also might do a few maps and a bit of world building back story, but I’ve got other unfinished business with a few other characters that I really should attend to at some point soon, just for some closure).