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Blue Blazer

Alias: Forge
Real Name: Parker Payne
Genre: Superhero
Powers/Special Skills: Shape metal at will and fuse it to his body
Special Weapons/Tools/Armor: short metal poles
Affiliations: Dynamos Excelsior
Other Aliases: None
Status: active
Parker is the son of Dr. Peggy Payne, a scientist in metallurgical chemistry. Dr. Payne was working on a hybrid element that could break down the consistency of metal at the molecular level, making it easy to shape. She devised two inventions to aid metal workers in welding; one was a pair of gloves coated in the new element. She took the gloves home and hid them as best she could from her twin children, but the boy twin, Parker, found them.

A mutation in Parker, which had remained dormant until he donned the gloves, reacted suddenly with the gloves, fusing them permanently to Parker’s hands. By the time Dr. Payne discovered her son’s predicament, it was too late. Parker was now endowed with the ability to shape metal in seconds, as well as fuse it to his body. Priscilla found the other invention and changed in a different way. Her entire body became galvanized.

Unable to cope with her children’s changes, Dr. Payne sent them to Power House, a secret school for superpowered children. The Payne twins learned the extent of their powers while there. After they left the school, Parker and Priscilla fought crime as a metallic duo.

But when the twins were in their late-20’s Priscilla, who had started going by the mantle Iron Maiden, was turned to evil by the magnetokinetically-powered villain Electromagnus. Despite her brother’s pleas, Priscilla left his side and became Electromagnus’s assistant and apprentice. Parker tried to rescue Priscilla from the villain’s clutches, but was defeated and hurt very badly. In fact, Electromagnus was able to rip Parker’s right glove, hand included, from his arm before Parker could stab him in the shoulder with a sharpened metal pole.

Priscilla fled and Electromagnus was placed in a metal-less containment cell. Parker was able to use his body’s power to reattach the glove, but his hand would be forever gone. Though the replaced glove serves adequately as an artificial hand, it doesn’t have complete mobility like his left.

Depressed by his failed attempt to rescue his sister and the loss of his hand, Parker, now known as Forge in the superhero world, sought out the famous team the Dynamos, and was placed in Excelsior. He still hopes to find and reform his twin sister.