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Wolf Master

Here is my most recent creation Acolyte.

Acolyte has a variety of powers including flight, light energy protection, healing and teleportation, but his power vary depending on exposure to the sun, so at midday his power are virtually limitless but at night they are a lot weaker, this thought to be because his super-human cell generate his power through a process similar to photosynthesis. His received his powers during his day job as a geologist, he was underground examining crystal formations, when he came across a strange glowing crystal. As he touched it energy surged through his body and he was sent flying 10 meters through the air. He woke up 2 weeks later, in hospital, having been in a coma. A few later he discovered hi power, when his wife was killed by an armed criminal, in his rage his body erupted with light and the criminal was incinerated. He went into hiding, but after the incident the legendary legion where looking for him thinking he was a villain. But when they discovered his true nature they offered him a place on the team which he accepted.

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