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@Vampyrist- I guess Heiko is kinda like Gramps in the sense he can grow in size, but he’s no where near as powerful (he certainly couldn’t cast a Fairy Law spell). I haven’t got to the Edolas Arc yet, I’m only on the Tower of Heaven arc at the moment (I started watching the series a few weeks ago on the recommendation of a friend, though it had been on my to watch list for a while before that, I was seriously missing out), but I do know a bit of what happens in some of the episodes later on that I haven’t got to yet.


A member of Honotamshi and descendant of its original founder, Zaron has a lot of expectation resting on his shoulders. He tends not to socialise with other members of the house and, when not around for official business, no-one ever sees much of him. He tends to have a way of disappearing without people noticing and no-one knows where he goes. His brand of magic is known as Summoning Magic, which allows him to summon creatures and weapons from a deck of magical cards. Because he usually relies on his summoned creatures during combat, he is often under-estimated when faced in single combat. However, those who do under-estimate him soon regret it. His skill with his summoned weapons is almost on par with Hikari’s and the fact he can summon and discard weapons in rapid succession whilst in combat will often catch opponents off guard.