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Oh, and while I’m at it, here’s another one.

An upbeat and peppy Pulse Magic apprentice from the Honotamashi magic house, Mai Sato is always there to put a smile on the face of any of her friends. Naturally empathic, she always knows how best to handle a situation, but she can’t help but try to cheer up someone if they are down, even if it is clear they want to be left alone. And she almost always succeeds. Her field of magic, Pulse Magic, is a very versatile form, it can vary in application more than most magics. It’s most obvious and wide spread use is the more offensive, full power Pulse Wave Spell, which generates a wave of magic which can be used as a weapon, usually strong enough to demolish walls. However, Mai specialises in the more subtle, low powered side of Pulse Magic, which include spells for finding objects, guiding the user in darkness and even healing wounds by repairing the injury with minuet magical pulses. This is not to mean she is not powerful enough to perform the offensive spells, far from it, but she restrains her power in fear of hurting others, something she learned to do the hard way before joining Honotamashi.


Oh, in case anyone hadn’t noticed, I’m currently in love with Fairy Tail and this series is me utterly failing not to rip it off.