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Ok, I’d have never figured that out. But now you’ve told me, I can do this…..

The self-proclaimed “cool one” of the current intake of apprentices at the Honotamashi magic house, Katsuro Hideki is actually a pretty cool guy, just as long as he doesn’t hear anyone else say it, then it’d just go to his head. He tends to focus on looking good what ever he’s doing and he doesn’t like it when something happens that makes him look uncool. As such, he is often a target for Kurayami’s pranks and the two can often be found fighting. Despite this they are actually good friends and their fights are never anything serious. Katsuro practices Animation Magic, which allows him to control inanimate objects and manipulate them. This makes him a formidable opponent for any wizard who practices an item based magic, such as staff wielders or blade mages.