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Wolf Master

Jessica Porter was not the best at fitting in. It might wasn’t that she was anti-social or anything. Its more that she was intimidating to most her classmates, not on purpose though. But it didn’t that on the first day of secondary school, she beat-up the captain of the rugby team, leaving him with a broken nose and 2 fractured ribs. Most of her classmates where scared of girl who could take on the biggest kid in school. She was incredibly strong for a girl of  her age and had a natural infinity for fighting. Though it mostly went unnoticed till the age of sixteen, when during a bank robbery she took out 3 armed criminals, one by throwing a fire axe at him and the other in hand to hand combat. Her talent was noticed by the wrong people and she became part of a gang, who happened to be in league with a criminal telepath who was on the legendary legion’s radar. When they the team fought with the gang most of them got them sent to jail, but ape took pity on Jessica and noticing her skill he decided to train her to be a hero. She took the title the sapphire slicer, but her violent nature got the better of her and she was kicked out of team. But she found another team she fitted better with, the night watch. She utilities two axes made of a light-weight yet strong metal.

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