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A concept costume for a new character. Well, I say new but he ‘s existed in my files for years  but he’s never had an image made until now.


Young hero Akihiro Shigenoi is the latest in a long line of heroes to wield the mysterious “light force”. Traditionally, the hero Starlight operates with a young sidekick known as Starchild. Aki’s great grandfather operated as Starlight during world war 2, fighting for Japan and was a recurring enemy of the original American Dream. His grandfather was not so inclined to side with just his own country and tried to use the light force to help everyone, regardless of nationality.  Unfortunately, Aki’s father appeared to lose his powers during his tenure as Starchild and never graduated to the adult Starlight. This meant that when Aki ‘s powers emerged, he had no Starlight to act as a mentor. His father had long since given up the heroic lifestyle and wanted his son to enjoy a normal life too, without the pressure of wielding the light force. But Aki’s sense of justice drove him to adopt the identity of Starchild anyway. He sought out his aging grandfather for as much help as he could provide but the elderly hero was only able to provide so much help. Aki was left to find his own way as a hero but proved to be a natural at it, earning the respect not only of the people of Japan but of the entire world with his drive and determination. He even matched his skills against some of the worlds most infamous villains.

Despite his successes, Aki chose not to declare himself the new Starlight and instead remain Starchild until he felt he had truly proven himself worthy if the title.


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