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One of Ai’s fellow apprentices at Hinotamashi, Kurayami is what is known as a Dark Born. His parents were powerful Dark Wizards and Kuriyama himself was conceived under a powerful Black Spell. However, his parents were eventually killed by Dark Hunters and Kuriyama was taken in by the Hinotamashi master and raised by its wizards. Though he acts the fool much of the time and is known for his pranks and nonchalant attitude, Kuriyama is a very powerful wizard. Because of his parentage and the circumstances of his conception, he is naturally talented at what most would call Black Magic, something which he found out accidentally when he was young and was harshly punished for by the master. However, his preferred magic is Shadow Magic, a form of sublimation magic that allows the user to blend into darkness, effectively becoming invisible in low light and teleport through shadows. He keeps his eyes hidden because they are incredibly sensitive to light. His life ambition is to become a Dark Hunter and show the world that he isn’t destined to become his parents.