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Wolf Master

Thanks hawk

Ok first up from the night watch is the Blank detective.

Victor Hendricks was a cop working in one of the most crime ridden districts of the city. He was one of the most successful cop in the city. But he had a tendency to violence, he often was in trouble for being to harsh on criminals. But when he accidentally killed an unarmed robber, few believed it was an accident and he was discharged from the force. Soon after he got a job in a dinner which was robbed just a month later. He wouldn’t stand bye so he donned a trench coat and mask and took care of the criminal himself. After the first time he could resist going out again and before long he was a full flung vigilante. After uncovering a crime syndicate with a highly pyrokentic at its heart he formed the night watch to take him down. Ever since then the night watch has been bringing justice to the dark streets.

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