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For the second question, yes.

For the first question. There’s a fancy way of adding shading and highlights that’s called Zypping around here. It’s named that after an old user called Zyp, who was the master. Anyway, I think this is zypping. Just go in the patter items. Not the section when you’re editing an item, but actual section of items called Patterns. Go to the last page. You will see two circle fading things. One is darker in the middle and light on the outside, and the other way around for the the other one. Choose the one that’s darker in the middle. When it’s on the “field”, make the first color totally transparent so you can’t see it. Make the second color whatever you need it to be to shade or light something. Then place it over it, and resize it. As an example, I put my character Scorp, and an unshaded version of him. With the shading and lighting, all it is is doing what I told you. With the armor, I just had gold armor, then made the second color on the patter a lighter color then the armor.

Also, welcome to the forums! Hope you have fun!

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