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I’ve been wanting to do a surfer-pose character for awhile, and now I get the chance! Based off of Glinda (Good Witch of the North in the movie, Good Witch of the South in the books), here’s Linda Norgood, Elemental Witch of Water.

Name: Hidrea
Alias: Linda Norgood
Team Affiliations: Coven of Tonnta, Atlantis (Irish/Atlantean dual citizenship)
Enemies: Theodora Kindle, Coven of Lasair, Society of Foes
Race: Human/Atlantean
Birthplace: Dublin, Ireland
Powers/Abilities: Skilled surfer and deep-sea diver, well-versed in Tonntan magics (Hydrokinesis)
Bio: Linda Norgood’s father was a high-ranking member of the IRA’s naval forces, and the only male child born into the Coven of Tonnta at the time. Although he exhibited no talent for Tonntan magic (an ability found only in women of the Tonnta bloodline), Timothy Norgood carried a genetic abnormality that converts all of the water in the human body into Knavium-Hydrate (that’s water, molecularly bonded with Knavium). This genetic mutation endowed him with above-average human abilities that ultimately helped him to achieve his superior naval rank.
Linda’s mother was an Atlantean princess named Locasta, who came to the surface on a mission of peace to the Irish coast. The two met while Timothy was on shore leave and a romance developed.
Timothy Norgood was eventually killed in action, and Locasta (now a widow) left Atlantis temporarily to raise her daughter on the shores of Ireland.
A tenuous peace existed for many years between the Republic and the Southern Kingdom, until Jocasta (the interim queen of Atlantis, Locasta’s twin sister, and Linda’s aunt) hired Theodora Kindle to assassinate Locasta. Linda took up the cause her father had died for, rallying the remaining members of the IRA to aid in her mission of revenge against the mercenary fire witch, and war broke out anew on the emerald isle.
Despite her vengeful nature, Linda’s favorite color is pink. As such, that is the color her magic manifests in. Linda Norgood possesses the ability to surround any nearby water molecules in a pink energy and form them into whatever shape she desires. This is usually a bubble or a surfboard. She can also summon waves or concentrate the energized water into a projectile blast. While in the bubble, she is able to breathe under water and shield herself from most conventional ammunition.
Note: I used two Irish words for the coven names. Lasair has to do with fire (flames), and Tonnta is something to do with waves. Her code name, Hidrea, is the Irish prefix hydro-.