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Hikari Senshin is one of the most famous members of the Horotamashi magic house. Known for her powerful Soul Magic, she is one of Horotamashi’s instructors and it’s foremost Dark Hunter (the term for those wizards and witches of a house that are tasked with combating dark magic and dark magical creatures). Her Soul Magic allows her to read the souls of those around her, sensing their intentions and, in combat, allowing her to predict their every move. At its fullest extent, this strand of magic can be used to reverse the effects of magical abilities, making magical users vulnerable to types of magic they normally wouldn’t be vulnerable to (for example Pyromancers would be burned by their own flames, were-as normally they would be unaffected). This makes it one of the most powerful known magics and an exceptionally hard magic to study and perfect. There are very few alive who have studied it and even fewer who are known to have perfected it.