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Wolf Master

But before posting my new team here is a few of my other recent creations.

First is Arcieel son of the overseer and an alien queen. Shortly after his birth he went missing, some thought murdered by his father who viewed him as a mistake. But he recently resurfaced by destroying an entire planet and killing virtually all of its 9 billion alien residents.This brought him to the attention of not just the legendary legion but other super heroes and several alien empires. But despite all this attention he has yet to be matched in battle. His powers include energy projection, flight, telekinesis, super strength and virtually indestructibility, and the true extent of his power have yet to be seen. Despite his catastrophic return he is not really that violent most of time and currently resides in a base on a far away moon. But sooner or later he will come into contact with some of earths greatest heroes then the true test will begin.
Secondly is a generic officer of the star corps, an organisation acting as law enforcement across most of the galaxy. The organisation has kept it distance from earth because its comparative lack of development to most of the galaxies major empires, but soon as earth discovers long distance space travel and technology advances, they will become part of the galactic council and be governed by the galaxies laws. But the likely reaction of mankind is unknown, could mankind’s fear of the unknown be its ultimate undoing.
Lastly is brigadier John Wells the military leader on the island on which the legendary legion is based. He has a distinct dislike for superheroes, especially Captain inferno who once was a rebellious yet brilliant solider serving under him. He has no super powers but is effective in leadership and military tactics. He tries his best to make the public view super heroes as criminals and makes sure the military helps them in no way.

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