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Thanks and here is another set of characters with an interesting back story. The Reinhardt twins are the grandchildren of the hero Blitz who himself comes from the Jaeger line. After killing his brother, the grandfather renounced his Jaeger blood and sought to save lives with his newly required enchanted sword. His brother’s child survived the war and set to kill his uncle, keeping the Jaeger blood alive. Jaegers have an innate ability with weapons and enhanced senses, strength, and speed. The fight has raged onto the present, where the twins fight the current Jaeger.

The twins attend the institute. Johan is a mutant who can manipulate electromagnetic energy which he uses for superpowerful punches and kinetic blasts or as defensive shields. He fights as Donner. Anna wields the sword as the current Blitz. Together, they are thunder and lightning, the Reinhardt twins.

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