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Salazar is a mercenary who has often crossed paths with Gordon. Despite being usual enemies, the two respect and like each other, actually considering the other a friend when they are not shooting at each other. Salazar’s employer and Gordon were looking for the fountain of youth, which they had tracked to a cave. Salazar was ordered to shoot Gordon while he ran away. After failing to shoot Gordon as he was escaping, his employer shot Salazar several times. Salazar’s body fell into a pool and the employer and the other mercenaries set off exploring. The pool began to glow as did Salazar’s wounds. His flesh began to heal as his eyes, tattoos, and hair all began to lighten and glow. The pool had repaired him and he was not happy about dying. He sought out his employer and killed him, saving Gordon in the process. He now guards the caves as its revenant protector.

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