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Here is another version of one of the primary heroes in my universe, Alex Patton, AKA Alpha. He was genetically engineered from human and demon DNA to be the perfect assassin for a clandestine group known as Syncris. As the first subject to survive, he was named Alpha. He and his siblings all worked their childhood years as Syncris’s agents before Alex rebelled after witnessing in a massacre of an innocent village when he was sixteen. He fled and would eventually become the hero known as Alpha, hoping he could save more lives than he had ruined.

He became one of the most prominent heroes of the world and has helped save it many times over. During an alien invasion, he lost his right arm which was replaced with a cybernetic one. His demonic DNA gives him enhanced strength and speed, a healing factor, and most prominently, the ability to scan weapons to intuitively know how to use them and to be able to recreate them. Each of his siblings had certain weapons they were best at and Alpha’s was pistols.

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