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CDC #538 – Fantastic creatures..!
Haf worked as a translator in the Stockholm area when he was asked to review an old dusty tome found in Karelia. He spent over a year working on the old book while unknowingly discovering how to read and speak Darvok without being properly trained in the tongue. He managed to mutter out a phrase that was part of a death spell and opened up his immediate area to necromantic energy from another dimension. He was infected by the energy and seemingly died.. back in 1527. He was buried by his neighbors and family but rose from the dead 500 years later to find a different world. His soul was tainted from the necromantic exposure and he became an evil thing… He has fought many heroes and hero teams but always comes back from the dead. As Draugr Haf is a powerful undead creature. He has enhanced strength, durability and an immunity to most pain. He can see in the dark and can detect the presence of sentient life forms in his immediate area. He can seemingly never die and just reforms his body after about a week.

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