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CDC #538 – Fantastic creatures..!
Ralindria was a beautiful fey nymph who angered Lady Mab of the Seelie Court. Mab complained to the King and Queen and Ralindria was transformed into a hideous medusa creature. Drak’Kar Zul took her in, promising to return her to her normal form and Madame Medusa became his loyal servant and arcane student. Madame Medusa was sent to earth to direct the affairs of Drak’Kar Zul’s Daemons and place them back on track after a series of defeats due to bickering between members of the minions. She uses magic to pass as a human under the name of Brianna. Madame Medusa is a spellcaster of great power able to cast offensive and defensive spells including her favorite spell of petrification.

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