Character Design Contest ♯147 (Do A Thing) Winner

Very interesting contest this one, seeing how everyone interpreted the rules and how they used the required items. However, there can only be one winner, and I'm sure everyone knows who it is. But before that, lets have a look at some honourable mentions.

Honourable Mentions: Maverick1313 & Vampyrist

Now both of these were very creative in how they used the required items, with Maverick's use of the insignia's to create the tank and Vampyrist's use of the background items to create the weapon, helmet and armour decoration for his warrior. However, the thing that held these two back from winning was that the other required items were used in the way you'd expect (Maverick using the background items for the background (obviously) and Vampyrist using the insignias as insignias). So they were good, but not quite able to compete with our winner.

Winner- djuby- Countess

It is quite safe to say that djuby won this week because his entry was unlike anything else that was entered. All of the required items are present and correct and you don't have to search them out in the picture because they're all there is to the picture. And of course, the presentation is stunning. Having the necklace set against a black background really sets the colours off and makes the shading stand out even more. So well done djuby, you take this weeks win.


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