No Gallery Grabs This Week/ The Big Question ♯30

Ok guys, unfortunately there isn't going to be a Gallery Grabs this week (I'll explain why after the jump), but instead of just leaving the slot empty this week why don't we get some discussion going. And my question for you guys is, who is the greatest villain of all time?

Now you can choose from any medium you like here, I'm not just asking about comics. You can go books, TV, film, animation, video games etc. so that's a whole lot of villains for you to choose from. My question isn't who would win if all of them had a massive fight, it is who is the best at being bad. Answers below please.

Now, anyways. Onto the reason there isn't Gallery Grabs this week. You see recently I got myself a job (as those of you who read the No Gallery Grabs post two weeks ago might already know). Now, I've done a few temp jobs in the recent past that weren't really anything serious, but this job is a proper job and it's more intensive than what I've done previously, the commute, the workload and everything. That coupled with the fact that, because all of the jobs that I would normally do around the house during the day when I wasn't working I now have to do after work or at the weekends, I've got a lot less spare time on my hands and, if I'm being honest, I'm just worn down a bit. This weekend was the first time I've had a day where I could go out and do something since I started work, so me and my Dad went to see the Classic F1 GP at Brands Hatch and I fell asleep during the race (and let me tell you that's pretty impressive considering how loud those 70's/ 80's F1 cars are). I haven't even been on Heromachine3 in a good 3- 3/12 weeks because I've not really had the time. So, while I get myself sorted out, what's going to happen is I'm going to put Gallery Grabs and Geek Quiz on hold for a while. They aren't gone indefinitely, but for the moment I just need to stop for a bit. This won't affect the CDC's or COTW, but it's much easier to manage 3 days worth of posts than 5. I'm sure it can't have escaped peoples attention that I dropped the random panel posts as well, partially for the same reasons, but mainly because I couldn't find any that worked and I didn't have the time or inclination to search for one.

I know that a couple of months back everyone was asking for more blog content and I tried to oblige, but I don't want to burn out, which is what will happen if I don't take a step back for a bit. So sorry guys. Hopefully I'll get into the swing of things sooner rather than later.

Thanks for listening.

JR out.

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