No Gallery Grabs This Week/ The Big Question ♯30

Ok guys, unfortunately there isn't going to be a Gallery Grabs this week (I'll explain why after the jump), but instead of just leaving the slot empty this week why don't we get some discussion going. And my question for you guys is, who is the greatest villain of all time?

Now you can choose from any medium you like here, I'm not just asking about comics. You can go books, TV, film, animation, video games etc. so that's a whole lot of villains for you to choose from. My question isn't who would win if all of them had a massive fight, it is who is the best at being bad. Answers below please.

Now, anyways. Onto the reason there isn't Gallery Grabs this week. You see recently I got myself a job (as those of you who read the No Gallery Grabs post two weeks ago might already know). Now, I've done a few temp jobs in the recent past that weren't really anything serious, but this job is a proper job and it's more intensive than what I've done previously, the commute, the workload and everything. That coupled with the fact that, because all of the jobs that I would normally do around the house during the day when I wasn't working I now have to do after work or at the weekends, I've got a lot less spare time on my hands and, if I'm being honest, I'm just worn down a bit. This weekend was the first time I've had a day where I could go out and do something since I started work, so me and my Dad went to see the Classic F1 GP at Brands Hatch and I fell asleep during the race (and let me tell you that's pretty impressive considering how loud those 70's/ 80's F1 cars are). I haven't even been on Heromachine3 in a good 3- 3/12 weeks because I've not really had the time. So, while I get myself sorted out, what's going to happen is I'm going to put Gallery Grabs and Geek Quiz on hold for a while. They aren't gone indefinitely, but for the moment I just need to stop for a bit. This won't affect the CDC's or COTW, but it's much easier to manage 3 days worth of posts than 5. I'm sure it can't have escaped peoples attention that I dropped the random panel posts as well, partially for the same reasons, but mainly because I couldn't find any that worked and I didn't have the time or inclination to search for one.

I know that a couple of months back everyone was asking for more blog content and I tried to oblige, but I don't want to burn out, which is what will happen if I don't take a step back for a bit. So sorry guys. Hopefully I'll get into the swing of things sooner rather than later.

Thanks for listening.

JR out.

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27 Responses to No Gallery Grabs This Week/ The Big Question ♯30

  1. Herr D says:

    Working for a living can be rough. I oughtta know. All hobbies, friends, your spouse, other family take a back seat. Get that rest in, we need you.

    As a quick aside, those of you comic book couples in the money should find a site my wife told me about a few days ago. She said it was [approximately] chip chick . com ? Superhero, Dr. Who engagement rings. Well worth looking at doing hero designs anyway. Too expensive for us to actually BUY anything.

    I have to say that IMHO, the iterations of the Dark Knight where Bats is much more a vigilante than a superhero, he’s got my vote. Nothing like a lifelong obsession and a few billion in assets to accomplish something. I’d do well having either. But BOTH? As a temporary and campy alternative, that Reeves / Pryor movie with the fabricated semi-Kryptonite mixed with tar had some impressive shenanigans. A new use for those inedible peanuts at the bar. It was campy enough that it is second for me.

  2. djuby says:

    Congratulations. Hope you are loving it!

  3. Nug says:

    Indeed! Congratulations are in order! Proud of you, JR! May your time as a male prostitute pay off big for you! 😉

  4. JR19759 says:

    @Nug- DUDE!!! How the hell am I supposed to have a comeback for that? Oh wait, I have the mod hammer of post destruction. *walks hastily towards the weapons cupboard*

  5. Nug says:

    Is the “P” word too much? Should I have said “Escort” ?? 🙂

    And as far as villains go… I don’t think you can top The Joker.

  6. Vectorman316 says:

    Congrats on the new job, JR 🙂

    as far as the best villain ever, I’m sure most would say Joker because, well, he is pretty good at being a downright fiend. But I’m going to have to say…Shao Kahn. If you’ve played MK9, you can hear the evil in his voice (big ups to Bob Carter.)
    He conquers realms, and the inhabitants of said realms that he doesn’t straight-up murder, he makes his slaves. He consumes the souls of everyone he kills. And on top of all of that, he tells you, TO YOUR FACE, that you suck. Also, he killed Kung Lao. Now that’s just jacked up.

  7. djuby says:

    He may be classy…but he’s not “escort” classy!

  8. djuby says:

    Villain…does Satan count?

  9. Arioch says:

    Great for your job! Good luck with it!
    You’re right to breathe a little, everyone needs some space.

    As for my villain?
    He’s so great, there’s a whole TV Trope named after him.

  10. Nug says:

    @Vectorman Yeah Shao Kahn… that’s a good one too.
    @Djuby. Satan has my vote for best villain!

  11. JR19759 says:

    @djuby- errr.. I guess the bible counts as a book (?) not exactly what I was driving at but.. Unless you meant Dave Grohl’s depiction of Satan from Tenacious D and The Pick Of Destiny, in which case I will whole heartedly agree (because Dave Grohl).
    But we all know that Nug is best villain.

  12. hawk007 says:

    Awesome for you!
    Now, to the question, obviously Sauron. He’s essentially a fallen Angel with tons of power, almost immortal, wants to kill everyone, and has armies of most likely hundreds of thousands. Not sure if that’s what you mean by villain, but I think he’s pretty good at being bad.

  13. Mason Kuiper says:

    best villain is Frank Booth

  14. Lef says:

    Great to hear JR! Im still in high school battling it out! My favourite villain is Handsome Jack, maybe its because I have been playing a lot of borderlands 2 lately, but who cares! Hes Awesome! Hes a classic villain who you love to hate! Hes intelligent and charming in a way but hes so evil that he thinks nothing of killing pretty much anything.


    I mean just the fact that he uses his own daughters siren powers is just plain evil and then he goes on to kill Roland and imprison Lilith….Thats when things got serious, because he didnt just kill a random character he killed someone a lot of people played as in the first game…And finally on the final battle he releases THE WARRIOR, one of the coolest looking monsters I have ever seen. Funny that when you kill him he drops his mask for you to wear as a customizable head. So yeah, Handsome Jack for me.

  15. djuby says:

    If you look at the Bible as mythology, Satan is a pretty bad dude…and has been around now for thousands of years.

  16. Nug says:

    Oooo I wish to say so much, but perhaps not the time or place for a zealous debate of religious beliefs. Still… Satan… yeah best villain. 😉 Plus Satan is technically Public Domain so whatever shenanigans you’re planning, JR… will not cost Jeff anything. 😉

  17. Kaldath says:

    @Jr, I understand where you are coming from. I went back to work in April and it was just Friday-Sunday until last week and that was draining enough, now that the Park has opened full time for the season ( I work at a Six Flags Theme Park ) things are getting more difficult. I work in the Park Service department which is basically the Janitorial department. I work overnight cleaning up the Parking lot and back stage areas getting the place ready for the next days operations. It is a very physical job with a lot of heavy lifting and a Ton of walking. My Iphone tells me I walk roughly 10 miles a night at work. I get home exhausted and sore most days so I can understand how work can burn you out when combined with what we do here on Heromachine. Take it easy and work your way back into things as slowly as you need too!

  18. PMD_Warrior says:

    Congratulations on the job JR.
    And now on to the topic of villains *pulls out Marvel and DC encyclopaedia* (both separate books as well)
    If you look at the villain Doomsday from DC comics he is pretty unstoppable. Each time he dies he regenerates and is immune to the all the previous things that killed him. He also adapts to new environments and becomes stronger each time. Although there are far better villains out there I’m sticking with Doomsday with this one.

  19. Skoul says:

    Congrats Jr! Now as I’m on a bit of a Halo binge, might I suggest the Flood. I mean hordes of mindless parasitic creatures with the sole purpose of assimilating more flesh just seems pretty villainous to me. Sure they’re not invincible but they are an ancient evil feared by the Forerunners, so they must be pretty bad. And the only way Mastercheif could stop them was to destroy Halo, and still they weren’t all dead.

  20. Anarchangel says:

    You guys are all forgetting the greatest villain of all time… PROFESSOR CHAOS!!!
    *smoke bomb*
    *evil laugh*

  21. dreadyacht says:

    Davros. Evil alien genius with 3 eyes! FANTASTIC!

  22. Nug says:

    @AA Lol! I wish I could say that’s true… but Simpsons did it so…

  23. WillyPete says:

    Oh, come on, guys! When you say “Villain”, there’s only ONE deserving of the Title!
    The Rightful Monarch of all Latveria, Doctor Victor von Doom!
    {The Joker is a mere psychopath… Doom struggles, not only to conquer the Earth, but to vanquish the forces of HELL, itself! Who else has managed to steal the very Power Cosmic, yea, even from that pawn of Galactus, the Silver Surfer?} 😉

  24. punkjay says:

    Best villain Dr Doom. See some villains are so over the top evil you can’t dispute they are evil. Real life evil is harder to tell. A man who sees him sacrificing his conscious to save those he finds in need of saving makes him able to question your own path. Dr. Doom does this the best. It also makes them ruthless. A more extreme example would be Hitler. Though not many sane people would admire Hitler, he did in a perverted way love Germany and was doing what he thought was right. this makes him more evil than someone who knows what they are doing is wrong and doesn’t care. Dr. Doom is such a character. Also a villain you once called friend and have the hero blaming himself for your once friend’s downfall is a hard pill for them to swallow. We all can relate to a family member or a friend who fell so far from grace we lost all hope of their redemption. Everyone talks about Joker being Batman’s greatest foe, but is Harvey Dent not harder for Bats to deal with seeing as he was his friend before he was two face. This is what makes a villain great.

  25. punkjay says:

    Oh an congrats on the new job JR

  26. JR19759 says:

    @Hawk007- Sauron is a pretty good shout, even though technically he still isn’t the big-bad of Middle Earth if you take everything into account (that’d be Morgoth).
    Lef- Handsome Jack FTW. Have you seen the Game Theory video on him though. They turn everything inside out and explain how he’s actually the good guy of the series. And it makes sense?!
    @dreadyacht- I’ll agree with you on that one. Davros is who I’d say, if only for the moment in Genesis Of The Daleks when the Doctor asks him if he had a test-tube containing a virus that would wipe out all life in the universe, if he’d release it and Davros says yes, just so he could at that moment say that he had the power to destroy all creation. That is seriously seriously messed up and there are very few villains out there that want to destroy everything. Control everything yes, but to wipe out all life for no other reason than because you could, that is evil. So yeah, I’m agreeing on Davros here.
    @Punkjay- Two-Face is an interesting case. There is hardly any real proof (as far as I’m aware, expecting to be corrected here) that he and Batman were friends before the whole acid-in-the-face incident. There’s one scene in Year One which shows Harvey Dent hiding Batman from Jim Gordon and then you have Long Halloween in which they are allies, but other than that I don’t believe there are any other post-crisis appearances of Harvey Dent not as Two-Face and pre-crisis, his first appearance shows him becoming Two Face so no real relationship prior.

  27. Jadebrain says:

    “Greatest” villain? That’s rather vague, don’t you think?

    Also, I’d have to disagree with those who suggested Satan, on the grounds that he’s actually not a villain at all, but a tragic hero. After all, he was willing to fight against a mad tyrant, knowing he had no chance of winning but fighting anyway because he would rather go down trying to do the right thing than stand by and do nothing. To add insult to injury, not only was he was portrayed as a villain in the victor’s accounts, but everything he fought for (knowledge, reason, liberty, fairness, etc.) was portrayed as evil, as well, to tighten the tyrant’s grip on the minds of the people.