Geek Quiz ♯23: Stan Lee

Face front true believers, this weeks quiz is on "The Man" himself. So make mine Marvel and prepare yourself for a No-Prize if you get questions right. There's 10 of them, with 15 points to get, so hopefully you'll get a few (though judging by previous form, I've not got my hopes up. Are these quizzes too hard or something?)

Oh and as per usual No putting answers in the comments. 'Nuff said.


1. What is Stan Lee's real name? (1)

2. What is the name of Stan Lee's brother, who also wrote/ drew for Marvel Comics? (1)

Bonus: For which comic did he earn his first credit while working for Marvel (Timely Comics at the time)? (1)

3. Which comic contained Stan Lee's first published story? [Issue Number included] (1)

Bonus: What was the title of the story? (1)

4. What was the name of Stan Lee's first superhero co-creation? (1)

Bonus: In which comic series did this character debut? (1)

5. What was the name of Stan Lee's column in the Bullpen Bulletins magazine? (1)

6. In what year did Stan Lee stop writing comics for Marvel to concentrate on his role as publisher? (1)

7. In which film does Stan Lee make his longest "cameo" appearance? (1)

Bonus: Which was the first film to feature Stan Lee cameoing as himself (1)

8. What was the name of his reality tv show that aired on the Sci-Fi channel in 2006 & 2007? (1)

9. What year was Lee inducted into the Will Eisner Award Hall Of Fame? (1)

Bonus: Who else was inducted that year? (1)

10. Which of these characters did Stan Lee never receive a writers credit for in a self-titled comic? (1)

a) Aquaman   b) Black Panther  c) She-Hulk  d) Catwoman

Answers below the jump.


1. Stanley Lieber

2. Larry Lieber

Bonus: All True Crime

3. Captain America Comics 3

Bonus: Captain America Foils The Traitors Revenge

4. The Destroyer

Bonus: Mystic Comics

5. Stan's Soapbox

6. 1972

7. Mallrats (1995)

Bonus: The Ambulance (1990)

8. Who Wants to Be a Superhero?

9. 1994

Bonus: Steve Ditko

10. b) Black Panther

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