Character Design Contest ♯120- Film Posters

Ok, let's see if we can one up last weeks challenge shall we. Your challenge this week is to create a poster for a film of your own creation (don't worry, you don't have to make the film for the challenge), like the ones you see for new movie releases outside your local cinema or on bus stops. Now your poster must include the film title, the names of at least two of the starring actors (which you may make up if you so wish) and a release date for the film. You may also want to include a tag line on your poster (a snappy sentence that is used to entice the audience in) but it is not compulsory.

So, that's the remit, go do it.

As per usual, no limits on entries and the contest will close at midnight Saturday (blog time). Please read the contest rules before entering, have fun and good luck.

Rules for posts, contests, and challenges that I am hosting: Original characters only, no copyrighted characters, no characters based on copyrighted characters, no characters based on RPG’s or other games. The characters must be your own design and not based on any character that might be copyrighted in any way. I have the right to delete any post that I believe crosses this line without warnings. Only post characters that you have either created for this contest specifically or you know for certain have never been entered to a contest before. If you aren’t certain, don’t enter it, because I’m not going to go back through all of the contests and check.

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43 Responses to Character Design Contest ♯120- Film Posters

  1. Here’s mine, “Ebony and Ivory,” which is actually the cover art for a short story I released earlier this year. I wanted to evoke the feeling of a ’70s exploitation film.

  2. cliff says:

    Way to go dewd.
    Set the bar high much?
    OK I suggest we just close the contest now and give Ian the win.
    I know for a fact that at 6:45 the contest wasn’t up, cause I was looking. So you did great work in little time.
    I never can do much font work without something going fluewy.
    Way to go Ian!

  3. cliff says:

    Entry #1
    Here is the movie poster of the Nightshift ’72 comic, but focusing more on the charismatic Casey, who was a dhampire, a living vampire.

    Since we put the movie in the 70s using our models for the characters I couldn’t use Moon Aerie Entertainment as the company which hadn’t been created that far back, so used the music company that owns XYZ heart and soul, Pandora’s Music Box, run by Kismet, a Djinn who has the hots for band leader Xavier. Thing is Xavier is straight, and Kismet only dresses like a girl.

  4. I just realized that I have stuff in my image that didn’t come from HeroMachine, so if you want to disregard my submission, that’s fine. Otherwise, just ignore the fonts and look strictly at the art.

  5. hawk007 says:

    Athanasia. Something about immortality I’m guessing?

  6. hawk007 says:

    You can actually scrap that last one. There’s a couple things that I got used to seeing, so I didn’t see I messed up.

  7. cliff says:

    Emtry #2
    OK here is Koi again,

    You see him on Inspired By Music 2, You seen him in Comic Covers … but you never seen him like this!

  8. PMD_Warrior says:

    Time for a horror movie! Documentary style
    Two teens with a death wish!
    After hearing all the stories about a local legend in the under ground subway. They were keen to have a look so they did, and what they saw well lets just say you will have to watch the movie.

  9. Ben says:

    Hi all never done this before but how do I attach my image to this contest?

    Thanks all.

  10. JR19759 says:

    @Ben- First you upload your pic to an image hosting website such as Deviantart or photobucket. Then open the image in a new tab. Copy the link from the url bar at the top of that page and paste it into the reply box here. Then press post comment.

  11. Bishop37107 says:

    Thanks very much will have a go and see what I can do.

  12. Bishop37107 says:

    Hope this works crosses fingers. My superhero film the collier crusader in the beginning. Inspection from my local town what was a huge mining town in the heart of the west midlands in the UK.

    JPEG_1430865264778_-454321471 by Bishop37107

  13. cliff says:

    Entry #3 & #4

    OK, being a problem child here, though I don’t really mean to and I humbly apologize.
    I hope this doesn’t cross the line from “inspired by” to “plagerism”
    I was looking at zombie posters for inspiration for Nekrotikus, some of the usuals are probably real familur with him, used him in several contests.
    I found a poster for Warm Bodies that I dearly loved.

    It doesn’t hurt we use Nicholas Holt in The Haunted rock and roll game.
    I loved the tag line “Dead Sexy” and decided that would be the name of my Nekrotikus movie. Not stealing the name of the movie which is Warm Bodies.
    I will go by the moderators’ opiniona if this crosses the line of inspired or plagerism.
    Now to add to the difficulty … I did a poster with Nekrotikus usual look:

    Entry #3

    Then I decided to use Jared Leto as Nekrotikus. We also use him in the Haunted game, as a matter of fact he and Nicholas were in the same band in the game: Bad Reputation, So Leto’s Suicide Squad Joker didn’t really influence me as much as this pic did:

    So I decided to give Nekrotikus a Jared Leto look
    and came up with this:

    Entry #4

    Problem is I don’t know which I like better.
    So I am entering them both as Entry #3 & #4

    Even if they are judged against the rules, I still love the posters and am glad I did them.

    So thanks for inspiring us to do Movie Posters JR!
    (and the comic covers too … and just about anything you have ever picked to inspire us!)

    Music Inspiration by Danny Elfman
    Dark Shadows Prologue

    Army of Darkness – March Of The Dead:

  14. cliff says:

    Oh I meant to point out the skull and crossed inverted torches is Nekrotikus’ insignia,
    an inverted torch being a symbol of mortality and the life being snuffed out.
    his green eyes are a symbol of his power, since I always use the neon green when he is using his power.

  15. cliff says:

    Entry #5

    Shooting Star was created for the Golden Age Comic contest, and Silver Age, (and Bronze which we skipped sadly) and Modern Age.

    So here Tommy Dare aka Shooting Star is in his Siver Age costume in his origin movie. Chris Evans as Tommy and Udo Keir as The Golden Skull.

    The first movie will be followed by modern age movies … much like Capt America movies.
    (not nessasarily the posters for this contest, depends on how things go)

  16. cliff says:


    Entry $5
    I am SO sorry. I hate reposting, but I noticed there was a visible circle that was supposed to be cover his right nipple.

  17. hawk007 says:

    I have a question. Can you submit something to a contest that you already made, as long as it wasn’t in another contest?

  18. Thomas Martin says:

    Desert Spider.

    It’s a Sci-Fi/War movie inspired by the TV show The Rat Patrol.

  19. JR19759 says:

    @hawk007- Yes, if you so wish. Everyone else does.

  20. cliff says:

    Entry #5

    Sigh, Last night after I reposted, I noticed a white circle behind his neck. I didn’t have the guys to repost again so soon.
    So hoping someone else would post today, I waited.

    If I find anymore errors I’ll just eat them and not repost again. Although I really did scour it time and time again, since this last fix.

  21. cliff says:

    Entry #6
    OK this is from Satyr Party Animal Justin McKinney and the Changeling club Elysium.
    When I did the Inspired By Music 2 group shot of Redcap Vic Viscious, Satur Justin and Cat Pooka Kit Kat with DJ Sylver Sidhe behind them at the DJ booth. I HATED his eyes, and he just didn’t look as good as I wanted him too. So I focused on him … and not Justin … yet. Maybe befor deadline tomorrow night … Um now tonight.

    So in the Elysium movie campain. they made a series of posters, one with each major character,
    Justin McKinney’s actor’s name, Ashton Kutcher, is always on the posters, since he is the star

    Elysium – DJ Sylver Sidhe

  22. Herr D says:

    Film about a decade from now. Bieber tries to revive his career and accepts a horror script where his character is repeatedly mauled. Some people DID want to see THAT.

  23. cliff says:

    Entry # 7
    Here is my Rosewood movie poster.

    Thorn Rosewood was a pixie I made up in Palladium

    He came from Friendly Forest, and lived with a swarm of

    fairies: Ash Sweetroot (aka Ambrosia and/or Honeydew),
    Wren Morningsong, Flit Flutterby, Piffle Farsight,
    Random Ticklefeather and his buddy Gigglefritz, Fidgit Wiggleworm,Jinx, and Bramble Berrybuzz.

    First game
    Thorn Rosewood was drawn to a commotion and flew over
    a colluseum where he saw a naked man staked down and

    spread eagle with lions growling and pawing at the gates

    about to be opened. Thorn landed … on the said person’s

    not so privates and asked if he needed help. The very RUDE

    man said “P!$$ OFF!” so Thorn flew up over the man’s face

    and did just what he was told to do.
    The man ended up getting away unscathed, other than the

    pixie shower and joined a party of adventurers.

    The pixie joined the party and earned various nicknames.

    Prickster, Prickmeister, Pest, Bug, Prixy.

    He was notorious about playing practical jokes, mostly in the

    way of his Faerie Food, the roast Goose, made people feel

    like they were being goosed, Ham made people act in an

    exagerated melodramatic fashion, Blueberries made you

    blue, Peas made you pee … ect.
    Thorn later became better known as Prixie since he was a

    Pixie by birth and a Pr!(% by nature.
    He wasn’t interested in killing monsters for it’s own sake but

    would to help save himself and the party, wasn’t into

    accumulating gold for it’s monotary gain, just it’s pretty

    shininess, or gaining experience per say, which left the party

    at a loss for words.

    I remember I did my first hand drawn pic of Prixie around

    1996 or 1997
    when a friend colored and put in a realistic forest background with her computer.

    Prixie was also made up for AD&D 2nd Ed
    and as an NPC he met several of my player characters in

    their background history.

    The weird thing was, when I was going through a tough time

    when some friends and then my Mom died in 1999,
    I had a lot of nightmares. It wasn’t long before Prixie was in

    my dreams literally fireballing my nightmares away. This

    happened on repeated occasions so he became something of a protector for me.
    I know it sounds nuts.

    As really weird as it seems, my wife and I could swear we

    could hear a giggle now and then, or a movement dash

    behind a book, or a little light zip around occasionally out of

    the corner of our eyes. I would look everywhere for the

    scource, passing cars refecting sunlight etc, nothing would

    explain it, so we just chalked it up to I had put enough

    energy into him I had created a “fetch” without realizing it. So

    Prixie became a fact of our life. If we would lose something,

    we would ask “the fairies” to bring it back, usually the next

    day it would be back and in a place we had looked a dozen

    There would be times we wouldn’t even think much about

    Prixie and not see anything. Then there would be a rash of

    sightings, or feelings.

    I eventuyally created him for Changeling The Masquerade

    and later as a Fireheart elemental in Changeling The Lost since he had fireballs.

    During Magick Classes in 2010 he has been popping up in

    other people’s candle meditations at our house, we havent

    even mentioned Prixie to. When they described a little red and yellow fairy we showed them pics of Prixie, they agreed that was who they saw,
    I know it all sounds positively mental.

    I entered Prixie in Character Contest #44: Nature
    on September 20th, 2010

    I did lots of HM pics of Prixie, only a few which can be shown here.

    I put Prixie in our AD&D game setting of The Fairy Circle Inn

    with him hanging out in the rafters.

    I entered Prixie sitting on a Solstice tree ornament on Dec

    11, 2011 – HM Contest #75 – Random Word II: Lissom
    Which got an Honorable Mention from Jeff

    I put him into the Changeling cast of club Elysium this year.

    And here I enter him and his movie poster now

  24. JR19759 says:

    @Cliff- Sorry, but can I just ask for you to make your explanations for your entries a little bit more concise. I don’t mind reading a paragraph of description, but not an essay. Cheers.

  25. cliff says:

    Sorry, It seemed like some was enjoying the stories behind the characters, which … encouraged me.

    I also apologize about the screwy formatting.
    I type these in Notepad, to TRY to minimize mistakes, and when I copy and past them, my formatting sometimes gets weird.
    I tried to edit it, but apparently ran out of time and it posted as it was.

    But I will be briefer from now on as you asked.
    Apologies again.

  26. Vampyrist says:

    Nothing can stop it and it never stops. Coming this October, Wraith.

  27. kananga says:

    Hell Heist
    A team of hardened bank robbers are hired for the biggest job of all, the steal the devil’s treasure from hell itself. A heist film with a demonic twist.

  28. Thomas Martin says:
    Noticed that part of my title was cut off, so here’s my re-submission.

  29. iscarioto says:

    Time zones, I might be too late, but oh well.

    So I spent a fair while working on something new, but it didn’t come together. Still getting my eye in. In anycase, here’s a couple from the back catalog which have never been entered:

    I promise some new content soon

  30. Thomas Martin says:

    Sorry, I noticed that I re-submitted the exact same thing. This is the fixed version.

  31. JR19759 says:

    Ok guys, this weeks contest is closed. The poll will be up shortly.