Geek Quiz ♯20: Heromachine

*folds arms impassively*

Good luck. I'm expecting everyone to get at least 75% on this quiz (I've down graded my expectations from last week now that I've actually made the quiz). As you can obviously see, this weeks quiz is on the very site you are currently on, both the application (and not only HM3) and the blog.

Oh and as this is the 20th quiz, we've got 20 questions, with 25 points available. The answers will be below a jump from the post whilst on the main blog page, so if you don’t want to be spoiled, take a look at the questions on the blog first. And obviously Don’t Post Answers In The Comments. Oh, and you aren't allowed to look for any of the answers on the blog or in any of the applications, because that is cheating. Everyone here uses this site enough to know this stuff… I hope. (I'd be interested to see how well Jeff would score here….)

1. How many base bodies are there in Heromachine Classic? (1)

2. In HM2.5, which of these hairstyles is not in the Hair-Standard set? [L2R: A/B/C/D] (1)


HM2 Hair


3. How many items are there in the Heads- Winners section on HM3? (1)

Bonus- Whose head is first on the second page? (1)

4. What item sections would you find these items in HM3? (1 point each= 4 points)


5. Who's art is this? (1)

6. Who won the first ever Character Design Contest? (1)

7. Out of the blog authors below, who never ran the Pop Quiz regularly? (1)

a) Jeff Hebert           b) Kaldath

c) djuby                       d) JR19759

8. Who did comic reviews on the blog in 2012? (1)

9. Who's art is this? (1)

10. Who was the first person to do a Power User Profile? (1)

11. Which of these DC mainstays has never featured in the Bad Super Costumes blog? (1)

a) Wonder Woman         b) Batman

c) Superman                      d) Flash

12. How many guitars are available in Heromachine Rock Star edition? (1)

13. How many Caption Contests have there been, including both the ones run by Jeff and the ones run by Kaldath? (I'll be nice and allow you to get a point if you get to the nearest 10) (1)

14. Who's art is this? (1)

15. Who won the Friday Night Fights 3? (1)

16. Before his win of CDC 104 in January this year, AMS had not won a CDC in 50 weeks (basically a year), true or false? (1)

17. Who was the first person featured on Character Of The Week? (1)

Bonus: Who has featured in it the most? (1)

18. What was the name of djuby's costume focused blog series? (1)

19. Which of these items wasn't drawn by dblade? (1)


20. Who's art is this? (1)


Answers below the jump

Le Answers

1. 7 (2 in Fantasy, 5 in Superhero, 0 in Sports)

2. C

3. 19

Bonus: Myro


A: ItemRight- Rifles

B: Insignia- Tech

C: Ears- Standard

D: Belt- Military

5. prswirve

6. TheImp

7. JR19759 (I filled in for djuby for 2 weeks while he was on holiday)

8. mcknight57

9. AtomicPunk

10. Hammerknight

11. D) Flash

12. 6 (and a bass, but that doesn't count)

13. 229

14. seandavidross

15. DiCicatriz

16. False, it was actually 70 weeks.

17. Renxin

Bonus: Candruth

18. Make It Sew

19. C

20. Zyp

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