Geek Quiz ♯19: X-Men

Hopefully this weeks quiz will get a bit more attention than last weeks, which had, and I'll be blunt, a disappointing turn out. Anyway, this week we're going to be focusing on the X-Men. Good luck, and no using psychic powers to cheat ok.

Oh and btw, next weeks quiz will be something special. All I'll say is I expect everyone, and I mean everyone, to be able to get at least a 90% score.

As per usual, it’s 10 questions with a total of 20 points to get. The answers will be below a jump from the post whilst on the main blog page, so if you don’t want to be spoiled, take a look at the questions on the blog first. And obviously Don’t Post Answers In The Comments.

1. Which long standing X-men team members (i.e. serving in the team for over 50 issues) debuted in Giant Sized X-Men 1, 1975? (3)

2. Which X-Men member was the first to get their own solo title? (1)

3. Which of these characters isn't listed as "Slain" on the poster that adorns the cover of the first issue of the Days Of Future Past storyline? (1)

a) Cyclops     b) Nightcrawler     c) Storm     d) Beast

Bonus: What other word is used on the aforementioned poster to describe those X-Men who are not either dead or Wolverine? (1)

4. What was the name of the super-team formed by Iceman and Angel after they left the X-men in 1975? (1)

Bonus: Who were the other members of the team? (3)

5. What name did Alpha Flight's Guardian take when he first appeared in Uncanny X-Men 109? (1)

6. Who is Cable/ Nathan Summers mother? (1)

7. In which fictional country would you find the Princess Bar, the restaurant co-owned by Wolverine? (1)

8. What is Apocalypse's real name? (1)

Bonus: Which of these X-Men has never been a member of Apocalyse's Four Horsemen? (1)

a) Nightcrawler    b) Banshee   c) Gambit    d) Polaris

9. Which of the founding X-men is not also a founding member of the Ultimates universe version of the team? (1)

Bonus: Which non-founding members of the main universe X-men are founding members of the Ultimate X-men? (2)

10. What nationality is Magneto (1)

Bonus: Where did Magneto and Professor X first meet? (1)

Answers below the jump.


1. Nightcrawler, Storm, Colossus

2. Beast

3. c) Storm

Bonus: Apprehended

4. The Champions

Bonus: Hercules, Black Widow, Ghost Rider

5. Weapon Alpha

6. Madelyne Pryor/ Goblin Queen

7. Madripoor

8. En Sabah Nur

Bonus: a) Nightcrawler

9. Angel

Bonus: Storm and Colossus

10. German

Bonus: Haifa, Israel (Israel is acceptable)

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