Character Design Contest ♯113 (Clerics) Winner

We didn't manage to quite get the turn out for this poll as we did last week, but we still managed to accumulate a fair number of votes. And it wasn't a steamroller victory, though our winner was comfortably in the lead for the whole week. And that winner is Candruth for her Healing Words. Congrats Candruth (it's been a while hasn't it?) and well done to all our other entrants.

113 Candruth- Healing-Words

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3 Responses to Character Design Contest ♯113 (Clerics) Winner

  1. djuby says:

    Congrats! Great choice of colours…love the flare effect.

  2. Nug says:

    ^ Indeed. Congrats, Candruth! Beautifully done!

  3. Candruth says:

    It has been a while! Thanks so much.