Character Design Contest ♯113- Getting Clerical

So, last week we did a nice and offensive RPG class, so this week lets take a step back and take on more of a support role shall we.  This weeks contest will see you take on the role of the Cleric, the healer of the group and general man of faith. Now, this class isn't as varied as the Mage or Fighter classes, but basically what you are looking for is a medic that heals using faith in some sort of god, so it doesn't have to be a Monk or Priest per say, Witch-Doctors and the like also count. It'll be interesting to see what participation is like on this one.

As per usual, no limits on entries this week and the contest will close at midnight Saturday (blog time). Please read the contest rules before entering, have fun and good luck.

Rules for posts, contests, and challenges that I am hosting: Original characters only, no copyrighted characters, no characters based on copyrighted characters, no characters based on RPG’s or other games. The characters must be your own design and not based on any character that might be copyrighted in any way. I have the right to delete any post that I believe crosses this line without warnings. Only post characters that you have either created for this contest specifically or you know for certain have never been entered to a contest before. If you aren’t certain, don’t enter it, because I’m not going to go back through all of the contests and check.

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  1. Herr D says:

    Oo. That whole . . . melee attack as area effect blurb on the D & D website had me class monks as fighters? If monks are actually clerics, may I ‘move’ him to this contest? I didn’t even know monks could do faith healing. (Never played one.)

  2. JR19759 says:

    @Herr D- If you want. Technically, Clerics are a bit of a grey area. You’ve got some that can be close to paladins (like you say the D&D website says) whilst they can also be like mages, sometimes there are some that can also have ranger/ trapper attributes to be an even more general support character.

  3. cliff says:

    Entry #1
    Back in the early days of our AD&D, you would have players playing a cleric, mostly cause the party needed a healer, and they still had decent armor, weapons and fighting ability. They were treated as fighters who could heal. Being a big Greek/Roman diety fan with some comic book knowledge of Norse mythos, I asked a player who his God was. “I don’t know the guys just a cleric” Head/desk!
    After that my clerics were never fighters who healed. I picked the God first, and made my clerics a reflection of that. A spokesperson for their deity, doing the god’s work. My Clerics talked aboutt their gods insessantly! They could be a right pain in the bum.
    Akatha a half orc preistess of Luthic the Cave Mother, would use cave dirt as a material componant for all her healing. Using a thumbprint of dirt for a cave entrence, then a half cirlce for the cave and bequeething “the Blessings of the Cave Mother”. It got to the point injured characters would tell each other “go get your dirt” as slang for go be healed. So my clerics aren’t just healers, although they are that, that are representivies of diety.

    So here is Billy, my Satyr Priest of Pan
    the ideal of what it is to be a satyr. complete with bow, long sword, dagger, pipes and wineskin.

  4. Arioch says:

    Great story, cliff, thanks for sharing it!

  5. cliff says:

    Entry #2

    OK Since I mentioned Akatha the Half Orc Priestess of Luthic The Cave Mother, I had to present her.

    She is wearing her mud ball earrings, her holy symbol of a cave mouth as a cloak clasp, Gloves of the Cave Mother, which are the magic item Guantlets Of Digging and Slashing, the small bag contains her cave dirt.

    Thanks Arioch.
    I always worry I share too much, and should just shut up and post. But admittedly the thing I really loved about HM community back in 2010 was the way people commented on people’s posts and shared comments and ideas. Sure if not careful people can take things wrong and lash out, but I still think sharing is worth it.
    OK, this is probably going on too long. I’ll shut up now and work on my redo of my Cleric of Asklepios God of Medicine

  6. Roseweave says:

    Herr D:
    Oo. That whole . . .melee attack as area effect blurb on the D & D website had me class monks as fighters? If monks are actually clerics, may I ‘move’ him to this contest? I didn’t even know monks could do faith healing. (Never played one.)

    Monks are psionic in 4E. Generally they’re religiously affiliated but not necessarily divinely powers. It’s more like they learn to emulate the power of Gods via their teachings than channeling their magic; though of course their conviction is going to give them more strength.

  7. Roseweave says:

    Mother Zaneta – Adventure Therapist

    Mother Zaneta is a Priestess of Sune that runs an establishment called the House of the Heart’s Flame; a theatre cum festhall. Mother Zaneta trains and looks after the Courtesans – and in addition she’s found a strong overlap between this skillset and that of a Councillor.

    As such, she’s taken to offering and training her Courtesans to offer therapy to troubled Adventurers.

    You can read about some of the issues she’s taken on here:

  8. Roseweave says:

    Healing Words:

    pretty. looks like a futuristic disco cleric or something.

  9. cliff says:

    Entry #3
    As promised, or was it a threat 😀

    Alexander Priest of Asclepius, God of Medicine

    Alexander is a priest healer. He doesn’t wear metal armor, his garments being blessed to provide protection. He is a pacifist and doesn’t use any weapons, although he does carry a staff coiled by a live serpent. He is proficient in Foraging, Herbalism and Healing as well as divine magic healing.

  10. 9sfora says:

    amazing background, cliff

    this is my entry Friar Tuck inspired by the stories of Robin Hood.


  11. Ras Head says:

    Here is my cleric, drawing the wound right off of a poor man. The wounded guy’s pose is pretty heavily inspired by cliff’s Alexander priest pic, I couldn’t think of any other way of making a guy laying down.

    In retrospect, it kind of looks like she’s draining him of all his blood… Well, my intent was good!

  12. Thomas Martin says:

    Here’s my cleric. He’s a Battle-Confessor, a follower of Ulf Wartooth; the Lord of Death and all that comes after, the Judge of Gods and Men whose courtroom is the battlefield. Some of the Wartooth’s followers dispense justice, others tend the dying and administer last rites. Battle-Confessors tend to the needs of warriors. They exhort their charges in battle; fight by with them, protect them against threats which mortal steel cannot contend, hear and help to bear their spiritual burdens, and when a warrior fights his last battle a Battle-Confessor prepares his or her body for the earth’s embrace with honor and dignity. A Battle Confessor’s weapon is also their badge of office, a which can drive through full plate or the toughest monster’s hide.
    Sorry for the long post, but I kind of get into the back story. Any feedback is welcome.

  13. cliff says:

    Entry #4
    Thrislin Sunderhaim
    He was a Dwarf fighter from an AD&D module, which I can’t remember the name of, try as I might.
    The character was a sole survivor of a Dwarven mountain raided by Goblins. He survived for years, evading, hiding and guerilla attacking occasionally. He went quite mad, mumbling to himself occasionally and picking the occasional vermin from his scraggily beard and eating them. He was written to hear something, rant about taking the goblins to hell and him going to Valhalla, and push a pillar bringing down the cavern on himself and killing him.
    But as any GM knows, players will always do something you don’t expect.
    The party took their rope, lassoed him and pulled him to safety with minimal damage to the Dwarf. Having pre-read the module like a good (anal-retentive) GM, I couldn’t see why he had to die. So I let them have it.
    They took him to the druids which were mentioned in the module, going pass the ford where they killed giant frogs (Which we named Tongueless Toad Forge, and became quite famous in the game)
    Well in the module there was a High Druid, so I decided he could cure insanity, and the Dwarf was cured and became an ongoing NPC.
    I gave him the last name “Sunderheim” since all of the Dwarven Hall residents: his family clan, friends and co-workers, were all massacred and he took on the heraldry
    symbol of a dark gray mountain with a huge crack through it on a field of brown.
    To this day he wears a goblin skull as a shoulder pad.
    After he was healed, he still had issues with depression, no longer having to live just to survive, so ended up drinking a lot of beer and ale at the nearest pub in the local village.
    I rolled him stats, decided he was originally a fighter with mining skills using a hammer, then thief during his years of evading Goblins with Ranger type bonus to fighting the race, and once physically healed and becoming a hard core drinker to heal his emotional pain, he began singing drinking hymns to the Dwarven Gods of Beer: Koors, Bud The Wiser, and the brothers Guinness The Stout and Miller the Light
    He would hire adventures who came traveling through the area to help him defeat the goblin hoards, supplying a strong hammer and divine healing as they recovered Dwarven treasures, one which was a golden flagon which is now a blessed item similar to an Endless Decanter, He also has Gauntlets of Hill Giant Strength, and Dwarven Thrower hammer. Thrislin would pay the adventurers with some of the recovered treasure and pay his tithes to the Gods of Brew at the “Bottomless Flagon” which he bought and set up as a temple.

  14. cliff says:

    Entry #5

    Levanah’s father was Levan a navigator of the Azure Bounty who survived a pirate attack on the ship.
    Levanah’s mother was Vana a Silverstar of Selune from The Tower of the Moon Temple, a former lighthouse, in Cresent Bay. Vana was the one who pulled Levan from the water and healed him.
    The two fell in love.
    Levanah was born with moon white skin and hair and night black eyes.
    Whe she was 4 Cresent Bay became home to another shipwreck survivor, however this was a young bugbear.
    Little Levanah grew immediately close to the blue furred toddler and called it a “hug bear”. Terrified for her daughter Vana cast a Command spell on the bugbear to befriend which the bugbear did. Levanah and Crucil the bugbear grew up to be childhood friends and eventually fell in love.
    Following in her mother’s footsteps Levanah became a Silverstar (specialty priestess) of Our Lady of Silver, The Moonmaiden, Selune.
    Cruicil became a guard of Levanah then later become a Paladin on The Moonmaiden.
    Much to Levanah’s regret her mother’s sister, Aunt Vira, was a priestess of the dark goddess Shar and leader of the
    Tempest Moon pirates

    Levanah weilds a Moon’s Hand mace
    and a Moon sheild.
    Her skills are:
    Direction Sense
    Riding, Land-based,
    Blind Fighting
    Goblin Language
    She also was blessed with Infravision.
    All her spells and most of her equipment and magic items are Healing related.

  15. Folkly says:

    RIP Terry Pratchett.
    Sometimes a Cleric has to suffer for his work:

    I enjoy Cliff’s D&Ding tales a lot – and the picture is good, too! Clever the way the broken mountain’s put together, took me a minute to work out what had been done there.

  16. cliff says:

    Entry #6
    Aphrodye, a Priestess of Aphrodite
    Aphrodye was a beautiful young woman, who had a burning obsession with youth, beauty and passion.
    She joined the Temple of Love and became a sacred prostitute.
    Unfortunately during her young adventuring life, she came upon a Staff of Fire she named “Torch”, having an obsessive personality she quickly went a little power mad fireballing almost any enemy she came across. She obsessed over the power of flame using it as a first line of action, and her charm and beauty second. Using her natural skill and divine magic to charm, seduce and command she enlisted the companions in the form of a Nightmare she named Ash and a Hellhound she named Ember

  17. Arioch says:

    FolklyI enjoy Cliff’s D&Ding tales a lot – and the picture is good, too!

    Likewise 🙂

  18. Keric says:

    Yes, this entry was inspired by the Sorceress in He-man, BUT there is no Blue and no Orange!

  19. cliff says:

    Entry #7
    Loxo Celes
    the spider druid
    He has minor sage ability in Insects and major sage knowledge when it specifically regards Arachnids
    Loxo serves Grandmother Spider and fights against Loth the dreaded Spider Queen and her minons.
    His spells include Detect Poison, Slow Poison, Cure Poison and Poison Touch
    as well as Identify Insects, Locate Insects, Summon Insects, Charm Insects, Control Insects, Charm Monster (Insects), Giant Insect and Creeping Doom.
    As a druid he can shapechange 3x a day, but only into arachnids, but even mostrous versions such as Snow Spiders, Giant Spiders, Driders, Phase Spiders and Retreivers etc.
    He has Slippers of Spider Climbing & Jumping, Bracers of Spider Strength and Ring of Webbing.
    A recluse at heart, he lives alone in a shed deep in the woods, the closest village is Weaver’s Way well known for it’s textiles.
    His workspace is in his celler next to the woodpile.
    In his study he has tarantula in glass. Spiders pinned to a board and labled. shelves of jars and vials (Poison and poison antidotes), spidersilk rope, torches.
    His large library includes, Scrolls, Books, Tomes and Grimoirs on the subject of Spiders:
    Amazing Spiders,
    Spectacular Spiders,
    Web of Spiders,
    Biology of Spiders,
    Spiders of the North: An Identification Manual,
    The Anatomy of Insects & Spiders,
    The Garden Spider,
    Spiders and Their Webs,
    Spinning Spiders,
    Black Widows and Brown Recluses,
    Secret Weapons : Defenses of Spiders,
    The Adventures of Spider : West Folktales,
    Spider Gods,
    He himself has written “Spiders And Their Monstrous Kin: An Arachnid Bestiary”, “Spider Toxicology: Venoms and Antidotes”, as well as “The Way Of The Spider Queen”
    He plays the fiddle rather compentantly when he wants to relax.
    He has quested against Loth’s followers, namely Nidia,the 6 armed assassin preistess of Loth. Loxo fought along side the Half Elven fighter Taron Tula who weilds Spiderbane (a +4 long sword VS Spiders),
    the human theif Erik Nyde,
    and mysterious Araneae the Spider Mage.

  20. cliff says:

    Entry #8

    Hela, death priestess of Hel
    (This was an old Warhammer tabletop RPG character in 1992 or 1993, the first game my wife Bre GMed)

    Hela had a tragic life, her mother Helga was considered too old to have children, and tried to abort the child, but none of the herbal concoctions took effect, Helga died in childbirth, her father Sten naming her Hela after her mother Helga and the Goddess of Death Hel.
    As a child her father and much of her village died of a plauge, it was left to the child Hela to help clean the bodies and transport them by ox drawn litter to the creamation bonfires.
    Being an orphen she was taken in by the priests and was taught their ways learning burial rites and incantations, she became the town mortician basically,
    easing the passing from one life to the next particularly of the ones who died of sickness or old age, cleaning and sitting with the dead to make sure the bodies weren’t possessed, performing cremation and last rites
    Hela waged a war on Undead sending skeletons, ghouls, shadows, zombies, wights, ghasts, wraiths, mummies, spectres, vampires ghosts, liches and other undeads back to their Eternal Sleep as well as sending evil necromancers to the grave for daring to steal souls from her Dark Mistress’ realm the Halls of Hel. Occasionally this set her against other priests, clerics and healers working to keep casulties from teetering on the edge of death, Hela preferring to let them go into Hel’s domain also called Hel in Nifleheim .
    Much like her Goddess, Hela has several bequeethed abilities , her touch can cause disease, age a person a year per her level, and she has the ability to cast fire spells to assist in cremation, Helda uses dye on her face a reflection of Hel half blue/black face..

  21. cliff says:

    Entry #9

    Bastorus a Priestess of Bast

    Bastorus was a ferocious fighter when it came defending her faith, and she could summon and command almost any cat as well as shapechange into felines, as she is beginning to do in the picture.

    Her lover was Ossecbus a Priest of Ossirus.

    I do remember in a naivete, a beginner GM had a dungeon with magic fish that when eaten bequeathed a wish. Well someone wished to be able to eat more fish. Needless to say the party had things like Excalibur, and Bastorus and Ossecubus each had a True Ankh,, we even killed Tiamat. No, she didn’t have all her consorts or abishi devils. What can I say, we were power mad newbies?
    Well the guys, Wes and Jim, who introduced us to AD&D heard about the Monty Hallism and created a killer dungeon, to de-magic us ridding us of the excessive magic.
    Do I point out here those two GM’s killed our first party, not Bastorus and Ossecbus, but my character Telracs Srm a female Elf fighter (Mrs Scarlet from Clue spelled backwards, which we had just played, she looked like Cher in the gold batwing helm and barely there gold bikini) with their assassin and a human single class mage using a long sword. So no, they weren’t playing by all the rules or proper etiquette either LOL.

  22. cliff says:

    Cher not Shell.
    I tried to edit it, but it didn’t stick.

  23. cliff says:

    Entry #10
    Teota Swiftfox, a native shaman to Earth Mother (a Druid)
    all her skills and spells were animal related and curing.
    I loved this character, but didn’t get to play her often, and don’t remember much of her adventure details.

  24. cliff says:

    Entry #11
    A farner’s son named Thorn

    4th child of 6
    Rocky – father
    Iris – mother
    Clay, oldest brother
    Heather – oldest sister
    Sandy – older brother
    Peaty – youngest brother
    Daisey – youngest sister

    Thorn always loved to dance
    Iris said it felt like he danced in her womb.

    Iris would sing and dance with him after chores

    Thorn hated farming and wasn’t really any good at it.
    but he did love being outside with the plants and animals and some of the rituals when it called for dancing in the feilds to ensure their fertility.

    Thorn would sing and dance in the “Watering Hole” pub when the family took the produce by cart into the village on market days.

    a caravan entertainer Cabriole came by the farm with his two dancing goats Jolly and Glee, looking for food for them, the family fed him and the goats, and Cabriole danced and sang for his supper. Thorn was enraptured.

    Cabriole, Jolly and Glee left that evening.

    Thorn went down to the waterfall fed creek/river to get water and bathe

    Cabriloe, came out from the bushes
    and ended up joining him.

    Thorn was caught by his father with Cabriole, down at the creek

    His father hauled him out of the water, struck him, told the stranger to leave or never come back or he would kill him, and drug Thorn back home ranting all the way.

    Thorn gathered up his few meager possesions, kissed his mother and left home that night.

    Once on the road Thorn hooked up with a farmer’s cart going the the big city

    After a couple days travel they made it to the city

    thanked the farmer and disembared the cart

    found entertainers in the market place

    couldn’t help himself and joined in dancing

    a Lliirian priest approached the boy

    (Lliira = Lee ra. Titles Our Lady of Joy, Joybringer, Mistress of the Revels)

    they talked

    Thorn joined the Revel Hall of Lliira, church of the Dancing Goddess

    Ballon – (quality of lightness, case in jumping) – Teacher

    Joybringer training:
    Tightrope Walking
    Music Instrument:Tamberine, Zills
    Party Decoration
    Revel Organizing

    I created a Dancing Martial Arts for them:
    AC 7, ATT 2, Damage 1d8, foot
    K 1 Circle Kick hard,
    Flying Kick
    Instant Stand
    Weapon Breaker
    Backward Kick
    Missle Deflection

    during his priest training he danced at
    the weekly market,
    at holiday revels,
    banquets for visiting dignateries
    and even at the Earl’s castle for his wedding

    Became a specialty priest, a Joydancer

    given the name of Allergro

    told to go forth and spread Joy in the name if Lliira,
    also he was go to villages to make sure their was a proper Revel church, and not pretenders hoping for the generous gifts from the Grandrevel Master

  25. cliff says:

    @ Blunt Object
    There is nothing not to like in your Unholy Orders. It all works.

    @ Roseweave
    Heh kewl concept of an Adventure Therapist like that.
    I know some characters who could have used her services.
    Allegro would like to adventure with her and dance for her. 😀

    If you don’t make it to the poll I’ll be shocked.

    Thanks for the kind words on my background.

    Bolota is a very interesting concept. got to love the flasks in his belly band.

    @Ras Head
    Heh kewl that I inspired someone somewhat.

    And I can see that. I think if she was down on his level kneeling it might look like healing, or if say he had an arm gash standing next to her, looing relieved it might have sold it a little stronger. But I think it works as is.

    @ Thomas Martin
    Is a Battle Confessor something you made up, or in 3rd or 4th Edition of something? I like the term/concept.
    Kewl pic too.

    Thanks Folkly, Glad you like my tales. I am enjoying reliving them and sharing them.

    Enjoyed your pic too, Loved the cape as scroll work particularly.
    And that pattern on the robe does make for a nice silk type look.

    Thanks again for enjoying my stories.

    Wala is lovely. And what a headress. I can’t make out her face due to it’s darkness, but that is probably my eyesite.
    Also love the rope work, and the pattern and the shading on the dress.

    You know I have the He-Man dvd and haven’t watched it. I need to where I can understand the refernce.

  26. cliff says:

    Entry #12
    Frair Rafaelle du Vie Eternelle

    (OK. I made Rafaelle just to show I do know what most people think of when they think of a cleric. I just created him, so he doesn’t have much of a story yet)
    Frair Rafaelle is a dedicated cleric of Torm.
    He is of an order called Vie Eternelle (Eternal Life) due to their devotion of ridding the land of corruption and evil, and the healing of body and soul and ensuring the
    good spirits journey to the hereafter.
    (which I totally just made up to explain the Ankhs)

  27. cliff says:

    Entry #13

    (A baker’s dozen, Last one I’ll post. I promise. Although this contest really made me realized how many Clerics I’ve ran over the years.)

    Demi, Priestess of Demeter.

    Demi loved to feel the sun on her skin, to run and leap in the springtime fields, racing with her dog, dancing with butterflies, feeding and befriending any animal that would let her. She loved the warm days, watching the feilds and orchards come alive and ripen with food.
    But Demi didn’t like winter, the cold that would bite and cut through a man. The white death that would kill all in it’s wake plant, animal and human.
    It was a winter that took her little brother, froze him in the crib.
    It was a blizzard that took her mother as she walked to the well to get water and lost her way and froze to death before anyone found her.
    It was ice that took her father as he slipped and broke his leg. He never got well, dwindling before her very eyes and passing away in the night as the wind howled through the cracks in the walls.
    Trying to make sense of it all, Demi went to the chapel in the market on the Fall Equinox to talk to the Priestess of Demeter. Who better understand than the mother who lost and mourned her daughter Persephonie every winter. The Goddess of the Mysteries.
    The Priestesses saw something in Demi, now an orphan and sole surviver of her family and started teaching her their ways.
    Sadly Demi’s heart had a hard time thawing and Demi’s spells include Chill Touch, Chill Metal, Ice Storm, Wall Of Ice, Cone Of Cold, Otiluke’s Freezing Sphere which she tended to use on enemies.
    Demi also had Weather, Plant, Animal and Healing spells which she used benevolently.
    She often used a Gust Of Wind spell circling leaves around her to obscure her from enemies firing missles at her.
    She wears an Elven Cloak
    Her gown is the equivalent of Barkskin and Endure Heat/Cold spells.
    and she weilds a Sickle of Sharpness.

  28. cliff says:

    Kewl concept,
    love the Divine healing hands

  29. melmo44 says:

    T’relan- Shaman and follower of the Dark Beast Kar’vel (the god of fear). He wears the wolf pelt and medallion, and carries a sacred sacrificial knife. Kar’vel is the consort of the goddess of chaos and destruction, and the shaman’s mask and the tattoos deeply carved into his flesh honor her power. He is shown traversing the Nightmare Plane, home of the Dark Deities. His god and goddess granted him great power in the mundane world, he is able to destroy enemies and give power and healing to allies with ease. He is also skilled in alchemical experiments, which he hopes to use in conjunction with his magic to destroy the champions of the light gods once and for all.

    as a side note: cliff, I love all of the background stories for all your characters! Just had to say it. 🙂

  30. cliff says:

    Wow! Good peice. I’ll be surprised if this one doesn’t make it to the poll too.
    The fire and illumination from it looks great, as does glowing eyes and the dark forest and using the blue trees. I like the red tattoos as well. I also trying to figure what the heck ya used for his skirt? I get the black loincloth. but not the multi-piece brown and tan.

    Oh and thanks for the comment about my back stories. Just a frustrated writer at heart. LOL 😀

  31. JR19759 says:

    Ok peoples, this weeks contest is now closed. The poll will be up shortly.