Geek Quiz ♯15: Video Games

So, last week I asked for suggestions on what quiz themes you guys would like to see and Skoul suggested video games, so that's what we're doing. We might do another one next week as well, because I have more questions than just the ten for this weeks quiz. Of course, if you have any suggestions for quiz themes, feel free to suggest them in the comments below.

As per usual, 10 questions with a total of 20 points to get. The answers will be below a jump from the post whilst on the main blog page, so if you don’t want to be spoiled, take a look at the questions on the blog first. And obviously Don’t Post Answers In The Comments.

1. What year was the original Pacman game released? (1)

2. In what game did Luigi first appear? (1)

3. What name was Amy Rose known by in her first appearance in the Sonic franchise? (1)

4. How many Legend of Zelda main series games have there been? (Not including re-makes and games where Link is not the main character). (1)

5. What is the name of the villainous religious cult from the Halo series? (1)

6. What was the first Pokemon ever created? (1)

7. In the Mass Effect series, what species is Garrus Vakarian? (1)

Bonus: What distinction does Liara T'Soni hold in the first game of the series? (1)

8. Name the playable character from Portal (1)

Bonus: Name the two robotic playable characters from the Portal 2 co-op (1)

9. What is the best selling games console of all time? (1)

Bonus: Name the rest of the top 5 (4)

10. What si the highest selling video game of all time, across all platforms (Console, PC, Mobile etc.)? (1)

Bonus: Grand Theft Auto V is currently the highest selling game on which 4 consoles? (4)

Answers Below The Jump

1. 1980

2. Mario Bros. (1983)

3. Rosy The Rascal

4. 16

5. The Covenant

6. Rhydon

7. Turian

Bonus: She is the only character that the player can choose to romance with regardless of gender.

8. Chell

Bonus: Atlas and P-Body

9. Playstation 2

Bonus: Nintendo DS, Game Boy, Playstation, Wii

10. Tetris (2006 mobile version)

Bonus: Playstation 3, Playstation 4, XBox 360, Xbox One

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7 Responses to Geek Quiz ♯15: Video Games

  1. Worf says:

    5 Ouch! Come on version 2. I need more points!!! 😉

  2. Skoul says:

    6, honestly better than I thought I’d do.

  3. Outcast says:

    hey you should have a video game character contest

  4. JR19759 says:

    @Outcast- what exactly do you mean? Obviously we can’t do a contest where people redesign video game characters because copyright is a thing. But we could do a contest where people design characters that they would put in video games. But not for a while, we have a theme for the moment.

  5. Nug says:

    Hmm I only got 3.
    With the zelda question… you counting some kind of Japanese versions also?
    I would have said pc somewheres in the list on question 9, but that’s not really a console now is it? 😉

  6. Bael says:

    Nada. Just not my thing, unfortunately.

  7. JR19759 says:

    @Nug- Nope, all of the Zelda games I was counting have had a North American and European release. And yeah PC isn’t a console as it was originally designed for something other than gaming.