Character Design Contest ♯111- A-Mage-ing

I was talking to Vectorman316 the other day and he suggested doing a series of contests themed around fantasy RPG classes, since we haven't done them before. Pretty neat idea if you ask me, I don't know how I didn't think of it before. So that's what we're going to do. This weeks class is the Mage, because it is the best class (who doesn't want magic?). So your quest, should you chose to accept it, is to create the best Wizard, Warlock, Druid, Magi, Sage, Summoner, Necromancer or Magician you can. You must show proficiency in Heromachine wizardry to truly excel in this task, so make sure your mana is full and equip yourself with your most powerful tools, such as a good staff and a spell book containing such enchantments as the Masking Spell, and set forth. You must have completed your mission by the highest moon of the seventh day, to prevent the prize from falling into hands of your enemies.

(Incase you haven't noticed, I'm having way too much fun with this).

As per usual, no limits on entries this week and the contest will close at midnight Saturday (blog time). Please read the contest rules before entering, have fun and good luck.

Rules for posts, contests, and challenges that I am hosting: Original characters only, no copyrighted characters, no characters based on copyrighted characters, no characters based on RPG’s or other games. The characters must be your own design and not based on any character that might be copyrighted in any way. I have the right to delete any post that I believe crosses this line without warnings. Only post characters that you have either created for this contest specifically or you know for certain have never been entered to a contest before. If you aren’t certain, don’t enter it, because I’m not going to go back through all of the contests and check.

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