Character Design Contest ♯110 (Mech Me Some Robots) Poll

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Honourable mentions have to go to Lef and BluntObject, who very very nearly made it onto this poll.

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2 Responses to Character Design Contest ♯110 (Mech Me Some Robots) Poll

  1. Lef says:

    I had a hard time voting on this one as they all have something i love. Achilles’ use of items is extraordinary. Madjack’s scenery I adore and the character looks cool. Nug’s robot’s face is amazing but i wish BOB was in this poll but thats just me 😉 . Spacemarshall’s character has an awesome chest and the overall character is very nice. Vampyrist’s shading and his characters head are sublime. I wish it were easier, but looks like everyone stepped up their game this week 😉 . Incredible work everyone!

  2. Herr D says:

    Cleverness AND skill all around. My vote went to the story–