Geek Quiz ♯5: Spider-Man Edition

Happy New Year everyone! And to kick off the new year, I've decided that we're going to be focusing on my favourite superhero, Spider-Man, in this weeks quiz, because reasons 😉 . So everyone had better have brushed up on their wall-crawler facts. As per usual, please don’t post answers in the comments, only your scores and stuff pertaining to your scores, but no answers please. And also as usual, the answers will be below the jump from the blog main page, so it would be advisable to view the quiz from the main page so you don’t get spoiled. Face front true-believers.

1. In which comic did Spider-Man first appear? (1 point)

Bonus Point: Which issue was it? (1 point)

2. Who was the original artist for Spider-Man? (1 point)

Bonus Point: Who drew the cover for his first appearance? (1 point)

3. Who appeared first in the comics, Gwen Stacy or Mary Jane Watson? (1 point)

4. Name the original line up of the Sinister Six (1 point per member, 6 points)

5. What inspired Stan Lee to give a superhero spider based powers? (1 point)

6. Who was Spider-Man fighting in the battle that resulted in the death of Captain George Stacy, father of Gwen? (1 Point)

7. What identities (both secret and super-hero) did Spider-Man's clone take during the Clone Saga? (1 Point)

Bonus Point: When did the Spider-Man clone first appear? (Either year & month or issue number) (1 Point)

8. Spider-Man and Superman have met twice in official comic book crossovers. When did these take place? (1 point each, 2 points)

9. When Peter Parker married Mary Jane Watson in 1987, it didn't just happen in the comics, or the Spider-Man newspaper strip, Marvel also held a live action wedding using actors to mark the occasion. At which famous former New York location was the "ceremony" held? (1 point)

10. How long was it between the debut of the Green Goblin and his secret identity being Norman Osbourne being revealed? (1 Point)

Bonus Point: How long was it between the debut of the Hobgoblin and his secret identity being revealed? (1 point)

Bonus Question: What was the most stupid thing Marvel have ever done to Spider-Man? (No Points)

Answers below the jump.


1. Amazing Fantasy

Bonus Point: Issue 15

2. Steve Ditko

Bonus Point: Jack Kirby

3. Mary Jane Watson (She had a cameo appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man 25, being explicitly named as Mary Jane Watson (although her official unveiling was issue 42), whilst Gwen Stacy first appeared in issue 31)

4. Dr. Octopus, The Vulture, Electro, Sandman, Kraven The Hunter, Mysterio

5. In his youth, he enjoyed reading a pulp magazine called The Spider, Master Of Men about a crime-fighter who wore a spider ring.

6. Dr. Octopus

7. Ben Reilly, The Scarlet Spider

Bonus Point: The Amazing Spider-Man 149, October 1975

8. 1976 & 1981

9. The Shea Stadium

10. 28 issues/ 2 years 4 months

Bonus Point: 15 years

Bonus Question: Take your pick- The Clone Saga, Civil War, One More Day, The Superior (*cough*) Spider-Man etc.

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