Character Design Contest ♯98 (HM1)- Winner

Ok, that title's wrong for a start. Because, as very occasionally happens in these polls, this week ended with a draw. It was very close between the top three all week (and our third place entrant only finished three votes adrift) but one single last minute vote was enough to take this from being an outright win to a shared one. And the people who are sharing this win are GuyGenesis, for his Android, and Legatus, for his Father Fusion. Nice one guys, I'll let you decide between you what you're going to do about the prize, and well done to everyone else who entered, it was a great contest.

98 GuyGenesis-Android 98 Legatus-FatherFusion

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4 Responses to Character Design Contest ♯98 (HM1)- Winner

  1. Herr D says:

    Pity PM-ing isn’t back yet. You guys could hash out a mutual prize in relative privacy. Well-deserved.

  2. GuyGenesis says:

    Thanks all,

    Legatus is welcome to the prize, I just enjoyed the contest. Haven’t used Classic HM in forever. I meant to enter this weeks as well but never took the time.

  3. Legatus says:

    Congrats GuyGenesis!
    This contest was very entertaining. Thank you for letting me choose the prize. I will try to come up with something useful.

    And thanks to all for voting!

  4. dblade says:

    Congrats, winners! I look forward to hearing your prize request.