Character Design Contest ♯99- Twice (and a bit) as Good?

So, following on from last weeks HM1 contest, this week your challenge is to create the best character you possibly can using Heromachine 2.5. As with last week, you can enter hero, villain, male, female etc. just so long as you used HM2.5.

Have fun. Oh and also, by entering this contest you are giving permission for the character/ characters you enter to be used in next weeks contest, ok?

As per usual, no limits on entries this week and the contest will close at midnight Saturday (blog time). The winner gets to claim a custom made item from dblade to be put into heromachine, so long as the item conforms to his prize rules, which you can find here: Please read the contest rules before entering, have fun and good luck.

Rules for posts, contests, and challenges that I am hosting: Original characters only, no copyrighted characters, no characters based on copyrighted characters, no characters based on RPG’s or other games. The characters must be your own design and not based on any character that might be copyrighted in any way. I have the right to delete any post that I believe crosses this line without warnings. Only post pictures and images that you have either created for this contest specifically or you know for certain have never been entered to a contest before. If you aren’t certain, don’t enter it, because I’m not going to go back through all of the contests and check.

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32 Responses to Character Design Contest ♯99- Twice (and a bit) as Good?

  1. DiveTheWolf says:

    I thought this would be a good first contest, so…
    Here is my fabulous wizard/alchemist-
    Vivan By DiveTheWolf
    I may post more later on this week, but I’m not sure.
    Good luck, everyone! 😀

  2. Skoul says:

    Krath is the heir to the throne of Valakmir, the planet of the Vlakmordians. He has never seen eye to eye with his father and feels that it is time to take what is rightfully his, the throne.

    I wonder if the competition will be 2.5 times tougher than last week?

  3. Anate says:

    Well, I have a few entries.
    First up is Plutus the Gem Lord
    He is an Earth Elemental in the world of Somnii. He is one of the princes of his kind and is well known for his great underground palace full of gems. He is also a deadly warrior.

    Second up is Morgana the Pirate Queen
    She was born in the country of Zephyria, but at young age her village was attacked, and she was taken and sold as a slave in Mul-Dorvan. She was a slave on a merchant ship. Years later, she killed her master and freeing other slaves formed a pirate crew that spent its time attacking the slave ships of Mul-Dorvan.

    Third up is Enion the Smith
    Enion the Smith was one of the most skilled gnomish smiths during The Elemental Wars, and he became the personal smith of Gwendolen, The First Queen of Zephyria.

    Fourth up is Prince Yorath of Zephyria
    Yorath is the son of Queen Gwendolen of Zephyria. He is a powerful warrior like his mother and his father Sir Grimwulf the Horned Dread. His armor became somewhat of mix of his mother and his father’s. He is accompanied by his hunting wolfhound Rufus and his bodyguard Lucia.

    Fifth up is Sir Grimwulf the Horned Dread
    Grimwulf the Horned Dread was a powerful warrior with ogre blood running through his veins during The Elemental Warriors. He often fought by the side of Gwendolen, and the two of them ended up being married. He also became friends with the air elemental Cumulus, who often accompanied Grimwulf into battle.

    Next up we have fourth brothers. I give you Anemoi.
    First of the Anemoi is Zephyrus
    Zephyrus is also known as The Kindly West Wind. Merdinus ended up having Zephyrus agree to bind himself to the royal family of Zephyria (hence the name of the country). He is one of the four princes of The Air Elementals.

    Second of the Anemoi, we have Notus.
    Notus is also known as The Stormy South Wind. He is one of the four princes of The Air Elementals and inhabits a tropical land in the south. He is known for having great leathery wings, but he does not often interact with humans.

    Third of the Anemoi, we have Eurus.
    Eurus is also known as The Warm East Wind. He is one of the four princes of The Air Elementals. He dwells in the eastern land of Euria, one of the two kingdoms that Merdinus established at the end of The Elemental Wars. Like Zephyrus, he is somewhat bound to the royal family of Euria.

    Fourth of the Anemoi, we have Boreas.
    Boreas is also known as The Chilly North Wind. he is one of the four princes of The Air Elementals. He dwells in the cold north and rarely interacts with humans besides the few that dwell in the great castle of Frosthold. He is the only one of the Anemoi that chose to fashion an appearance without wings.

  4. Anate says:

    And I have created a few more.
    The Winter King
    The Winter King was a powerful blue dragon, who led many dragons in a rebellion against Gwynfor, The White Dragon and Father of all Dragons, during The Elemental War. He is served by Nimue, The Autumnal Lady, who was once a student of Merdinus. He believes that the weak should perish and the strong should survive. Nearing the end of his rebellion, The White Dragon bounded The Winter King in his humanoid form to limit the evil dragon’s power.
    The Autumnal Lady Nimue
    The Autumnal Lady Nimue was a Fomorian and descended from the royal family of Atlantis. She became a student of Merdinus and learned how to bond with Elementals to become a mage. However, she ended up bonding with four mad Elementals, Atra (a light elemental), Khaos (a water elemental), Decay (a wood elemental), and Destruction (an earth elemental). She was also the lover of Osric, another one of Merdinus’ students. When she ended up betraying Merdinus, Osric followed her.
    Osric, Student of Merdinus
    Osric was a student of Merdinus and became a powerful mage. He bonded four elementals. They were Granitus (an earth elemental), Ignia (a fire elemental), Argentium (a metal elemental), and Glimmer (a light elemental). He was also the lover of Nimue and ended up following her in her betrayal of Merdinus.
    Aniketos the Red Mage–U/VGzkjwtgQ8I/AAAAAAAABS8/xTGEs4RLnuE/s512/Anate_Aniketos_the_Red_Mage.jpg
    Aniketos the Red Mage was one of Merdinus’ top students even though he only bonded four elementals. The elementals that he bonded were Audra (an air elemental), Agni (a fire elemental), and Voski (a metal elemental). He always disliked Osric since he viewed his fellow student as somewhat of a foppish pretty boy.
    Audra is the air elemental bonded to Aniketos. Her name means Storm in Lithuanian.
    Agni is the fire elemental bonded to Aniketos. His name means fire in Sanskrit.
    Voski is the metal elemental bonded to Aniketos. She appears as an empty suit of armor wielding two swords. Her name means gold in Armenian.
    Zola the Blue Mage
    Zola was one of Merdinus’ inner circle of mages. Like Osric and Nimue, she bonded four elementals. They were Indu (a light elemental), Xolani (a water elemental), Asha (a wood elemental), and Imhotep (an earth elemental). She was known for being a skilled healer.

  5. Anate says:

    These should be my final entries for this contest.
    The first four are Osric’s Elementals.
    Ignia is a fire elemental bonded to the mage Osric.
    Granitus is an earth elemental bonded to the mage Osric.
    Argentium is a metal elemental bonded to the mage Osric.
    Glimmer is a light elemental bonded to the mage Osric.
    The next set are Zola’s elementals.
    Indu is a light elemental bonded to the mage Zola
    Xolani is a water elemental bonded to the mage Zola.
    Asha is a wood elemental bonded to the mage Zola
    Imhotep is an earth elemental bonded to the mage Zola

  6. Quark says:
    (sorry if I double/triplepost, but I can’t see my messages as published).

  7. J3loodT4lon says:

    Aight so my first contest..

    My first character is Cain. He is a half-human Demi-God. He has domain over fire, which he inherited from his father Ignas. Usually seen puffing on a cigarette and wielding a large sword, Cain burns and cuts his enemies down with ease.

    My second is Ignas, Cain’s father, the God of Fire.

  8. Zyp says:

    Woop I’m taking part in a contest! Even if it is HM2 and not 3…
    Here it goes:
    First off here’s Aina, the head mage of a starship
    And Melor, guardian of Earthrealm

  9. ams says:

    Here are my entries and yes, I entered THE ANKH again even though he is getting his butt kicked in the previous contest poll. If I am predicting what the next contest after this is, I want to take the character concept through the whole evolution. Cheers!

  10. Nug says:

    This is Nubs. He is the great leader of the Fukarwe tribe. Legend has it Nubs had one of his hands bitten off by a colossal sized Dire Wolf. With his other he beat the mighty beast until there was nothing left of the wolf… and his hand.

  11. hawk007 says:

    First, is King Crimson. A warlord ruling a small kingdom, he is the best in the world at hand to hand combat, and best in the world at killing.
    Next, is the Forest Beast. She protects her forest with viciousness. As long as she is in her forest, she can be hidden, and she can draw power from it. Anyone who harms it is in for a nasty surprise.

  12. Anate says:

    All right, so I ended up doing a few more.
    First off, we have Bertram Dawnlord
    He is a powerful light enchanter from The Elemental Wars in Somnii. He fought side by side with Merdinus the Archmage and Gwendolen. He has a benevolent nature, but in battle, he is fearsome. He is skilled at bending light and creating illusions to terrify the enemy.
    Second off, we have Meinir Silverwind.
    She is one of the most powerful air enchantress ever to live. In The Elemental Wars, she was known for calling fearsome storms and shooting lightning from her hands. Armies trembled when she came near.
    Third off, we have Muirgen Deepfang
    Without a doubt, she was the most powerful water enchantress of The Elemental Wars. She was always cerebral. She was known for studying her enemies and striking were they were the weakest. She was often seen in the company of Gwendolen and and Gwendolen’s husband Grimwulf as she was one of their most trusted advisers.
    Fourth off, we have Aled Wildsong.
    A skilled wood enchanter. He was not known for being the toughest in battle during The Elemental Wars in Somnii, but he was known for being a skilled healer. He would often heal the wounded. His attitude was always that of father to Merdinus’ soldiers.
    Fifth off, we have Eoforhild Wyrmstone.
    As a powerful earth enchantress, she was the leader of Merdinus’ siege team. She was known to be able to level whole fortress with the earthquakes that she could summon.
    Sixth up, we have Azar Marrowwax.
    Azar Marrowwax was a powerful fire enchantress like her husband Lord Marrowwax. Together, they would summon blazing infernos to consume the enemies of mankind. Azar Marrowwax was known for wound the powerful blue dragon called The Winter King.
    Seventh up, we have Lord Marrowwax.
    Together with his wife, he was one of the most feared magic users in all of The Elemental Wars. Draconius, Merdinus’ brother, was a close friend of his.
    Lastly, we have Trahaearn Steelfang.
    He was a powerful metal enchanter. He would often be seen working at the forges in Merdinus’ camp. His swords were highly prized by all, but he was also a skilled and fearsome warrior in battle. It was said that he could make his skin as hard as steel.

  13. Sabrina says:

    Camilla, named after the legendary female warrior of the same name, is the last of her race. Here, she taunts the enemies who hunt her, having just slain one of their commanders.

  14. melmo44 says:

    Phaeya Half-Dwarven- First cousin of Lutair the Hero, Phaeya was tolerated because her mother was sister to the king and to avoid an incident with her father’s human family. She left Stoneguard to find her way in the world, the only sign of her grudging status her dragonling, Krimson. She is a powerful battlemage via her human heritage and retains her dwarven connection to the Underground though she is an outsider to both worlds.

  15. melmo44 says:

    Entry 2:
    Karalya- a member of the Ebon Guard of Sandhaven, Karalya is as dedicated to her city as a zealot to a god. The last thing she wants is to be caught up in the adventures of a surly half-dwarf. However, if it means protecting her home, she is willing to do whatever it takes. She will teach those that threaten Sandhaven to fear the black and scarlet.

  16. JR19759 says:

    Ok guys, this weeks contest is now closed. The poll will be up shortly.