Character Design Contest ♯77- Villains

The title says it all here, I'm sure you don't need me to tell you what to do. Oh you do? Ok. This weeks challenge is to create an awesome bad guy. Simple as that. Do you need me to explain any further?

As per usual, no limits on entries this week and the contest will close at midnight Saturday (blog time). The winner gets to claim a custom made item from dblade to be put into heromachine, so long as the item conforms to his prize rules, which you can find here: Please read the contest rules before entering, have fun and good luck.

Rules for posts, contests, and challenges that I am hosting: Original characters only, no copyrighted characters, no characters based on copyrighted characters, no characters based on RPG’s or other games. The characters must be your own design and not based on any character that might be copyrighted in any way. I have the right to delete any post that I believe crosses this line without warnings. Only post characters that you have either created for this contest specifically or you know for certain have never been entered to a contest before. If you aren’t certain, don’t enter it, because I’m not going to go back through all of the contests and check.

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39 Responses to Character Design Contest ♯77- Villains

  1. Jadebrain says:

    “Do you need me to explain any further?”


    What are we defining as a “villain?” I want to try making something from the setting of my game, but as of right now I don’t even have a specific being that could be said to be a “villain” in a classical sense. Sure, you’ve got the hordes of twisted monstrosities known as devils, which are currently the biggest threat to the world, but there’s no one being to represent them.

    Then there are the kratocratic Jarls of Gondrogar, who aren’t necessarily evil but usually are, ruling over those weaker than themselves with brute force.

    There’s also Sut and Lelot, a dual-deity (basically two beings sharing the position of one deity) that isn’t so much evil as an antagonistic patron of mischief and dark deeds, reminiscent of Loki from Norse mythology.

    The historical tyrants of Baalicos are definitely villains, in that they actually enjoy being cruel, but I’m afraid a picture of one would simply be too comical in the audacity of its arbitrary evilness (“It’s 3:30 ALREADY? Time to punch a kitten!”).

    What about those who are greedy, switching between doing good or doing evil depending on what is a more profitable path to take at the time?

    Even the Cosmic Negative Engine, which is more or less the source of evil in the universe, is little more than a sentient machine, put in place by the creator of the universe to keep things interesting (and if the universe is no longer interesting to the creator, the creator no longer has a reason to continue the universe’s existence).

  2. JR19759 says:

    @Jadebrain- Ok, I’ll see if I can answer that before my brain melts here, I just want a character that does bad stuff for a selfish reason (money, enjoyment etc.). I think anything between Joker and Magneto should cover it.
    Now I have to go and replace my brain.

  3. Guy Diga says:

    no limitations hm?, Diabolical… (ha, see what I did there?)

    1) Firestorm:
    Powers: preduces fire from entire body
    can use the fire as projectile.
    NO resistance to fire and heat, he feels himself burning, and his body is blistered and burned, he Can’t Ignite himself, he must absorb flames to empower himself.

    2) Plague:
    Powers: Immune to all illness or Diseas, yet seems to be always sick, his entire body produces a deadly virouse which, when enffected, a person becomes a mindless servent.

    3) Jericho:
    Powers: Kinetic energy Shockwaves, the abillity to detonate objects using a wave of Kinetic energy.

  4. Lightningsword says:

    Well, I made Draken about 6 months ago, but he’s never been entered into a contest before.

  5. David says:

    submissions into entry contest #77:

    1. “The Pack”

    From another dimension, The Pack has a pet sabre-toothed wolf (Called a C’iroq on his world). He has the ability to transform into 3 of these C’iroq and mentally ink to his pet. 4 C’iroq with a collective conscience.

    2. “Kannus”

    Kannus is the guardian of the realm of death. He will destroy anyone that tries to interfere with Death’s plan

    3. “Obituary”

    Obituary is the undead soldier of Kannus with the ability to absorb kinetic attacks The energy absorbed goes into the earth and will raise more undead to fight for him.

    4 “Death Row”

    Kain Simmons was one of the most brutal serial killers of his time. After being tried, convicted, and electrocuted in 1948 for his crimes…Kain lives on as a ghost electrocuting others.

  6. Lizdek96 says:

    It is my first time doing this so my characters are not much good

  7. WillyPete says:

    Actually, lizdek, they’re not that bad! The second one has that extra sword blade floating around for no apparent reason, and they could, perhaps, use a background, a name, and maybe a bit of a story…
    David, I’m not really getting much of a villainous vibe from any of your characters, especially not “The Pack”! Maybe I’m just missing something…

  8. Worf says:

    Nobody knows where he came from or who he is, but all we know is he’s bent on destroying us all.

    They call him The Destroyer

  9. Arioch says:

    Yes, I concurr, they have some bugs that are easily erased, but you clearly have ideas and design sense (at least more than me).
    1st character: needs a right hand and feet
    2nd one: extra blade floating, body is wider than legs (adjust the size)
    3nd one: there’s a line on his torso you might want to mask to his body, otherwise, he’s great!

    That’s all! For a first time, you’re doing pretty well!

  10. djuby says:

    Having lost his sense of smell due to a chemical “miscalculation”, Cameron Matthews turned the loss to a criminal advantage. Merging his genius in the chem lab with his vast knowledge of explosives, he has left a path of destruction through Toronto using chemically lethal stink bombs. Using old standards such as Butyric Acid, Putrescine and Hydrogen Sulfide partnered with highly unstable gases like Methanethiol, Matthews aka Stench has turned high school prank chemistry into a deadly and devastating signature.

  11. son4 says:

    Messed up the first post here is my secod entry Dr. Cyclos

  12. Nug says:

    Miss Calculated:
    Mary Swanson has always loved math. This however left her misunderstood, and neglected by her peers. Graduating at the top of her class, she majored in Physics. After college she was offered a position with the university’s Experimental physics department. Her mind was treasured by her old professor, Dr. Wolfstein, and the two became quiet close. Finally someone understood her. Dr. Wolfstein was on the verge of a major breakthrough researching black holes when his supervisors pulled his funding and let him go from the department. This ultimately led him to take his own life. Mary couldn’t take losing her only friend. Her mind snapped and she went into fits of uncontrollable rage. She trashed her lab and that’s when she discovered something Dr. wolfstein had left behind… A suit designed to fit only her, and note that simply read “Make them all pay, my dear!” And that’s exactly what she did…

  13. ams says:

    @ djuby – Is that what that smell is in T.O.? I thought it was the Leafs……

  14. djuby says:

    @ams – That to!

  15. Stinger says:

    Warp has the ability to cross universes and alternate timelines to create chaos and fear for his own gain.

  16. Tahj says:

    The devourer of hope and the drainer of life. Jale is an embodyment of human doubt and despair. His powers consist of being able to absorb life force and can utilize his. He caries a blade forged of human bones and has no soul(eye). Jale is the roman name for despair. He feels no emotion.

  17. Lizdek96 says:

    Thank you WilliyPete. I tryed with background here with my friend help
    Is it good? It does not have story yet

  18. Linea24 says:


    From a young age, Austen was gifted with power, money, and smarts. Unfortunately, the one thing that he lacked was a moral compass. What he had instead, was a intense greed for power. Power greater than his unique and already powerful gift of magic, unique in the fact that humans very rarely have the gift for magic.
    When he was in his twenties, he was caught in a fire and, because of the severe injuries he suffered, he became a cyborg. But though he at first mourned the loss of his natural body parts, he grew to love his metal parts due to the enhancing effect they had on his magic, as well as the additional abilities they granted him: superstrength, and enhanced vision. But that did not satisfy his hunger.
    Austen soon learned of Fantasy Force, as news of their feats reached him. Through deductive reasoning, he figured out that Arthur’s sword is the source of Arthur’s powers, and that Oberon is an alien. It’s sort of obvious, seeing as there is a surprising lack of humans with wings and that Austen already knew about the Felianti-Terran Alliance, unlike the majority of the human population. And he also knew that Felians had an innate gift for magic, much like his own. And so, Austen’s identity as Cy-Magus began.
    His main goal was to capture Oberon and force him to explain how Cy-Magus could unleash the true potential of his magic, as well as obtain Arthur’s sword, Excalibur. But when Arsenal came on the scene, his priorities changed.
    After watching Arsenal summon multiple weapons out of nowhere, Cy-Magus determined that he was going to have that power for himself. And he almost did, too: he had kidnapped Arsenal before she joined Fantasy Force, but set her free when he found out that she did not know where her weapon-summoning abilities came from. But that does not mean that he is done with her, Oberon, or Arthur yet. In fact, it’s only the beginning.

  19. son4 says:

    wanted to enter a tweaked version of my Dr. Cyclos image

  20. RobM says:

    The Memetic Revenant – a sentient computer built millennia ago by an alien race to preserve its culture; their planet is long since dead and their race extinct, but the Memetic Revenant still roams the Galaxy terraforming worlds and rearranging genomes.

  21. Cliff says:

    As a youngster Amaranthos was raised around the wounded, sick and dying. His father’s side of the family were Warriors and his mother’s side were Healers and Priests.

    During a raid on the village many people died, some of his own family, uncles, cousins, brothers and nephews who had fought.

    Amaranthos was slightly wounded but pretended to be dead during the raid. Many of the villagers thought he had been raised by the Gods, when the invaders had been killed or routed.

    Amaranthos was fascinated by who and why people lived and died.
    He studied, Herbs, Healing Arts, Poisons, Religon, Funeral Practices and Rituals, Death Dieties, Demigods and Creatures, The Death Realms and Philosophy

    Then one day he fell in love with Kallos, a beautiful young man. They had a happy relationship for 6 months.
    But Kallos was hurt in a riding accident, fell from the startles horse and hit his head on a stone. No Healer, Physician or Priest could keep him from dying..

    Amaranthose was cheif of the morners, leading the procession, wailing and tearing his hair. He was beyoung consoling after the funera..

    Amaranthos’ father said that Kallos was too old to be his eromenos (beloved) anyway..

    Amaranthos considered committing suicide by Kallos grave, but was stopped by a withered looking man in black robes. He was the Necromancer Thanakles.

    Thanakles offered to bring back Kallos, if Amaranthos would be his apprentice and learn the dark ways of Necromancy.

    Amaranthos agreed and left his old life behind him taking on the name Nekrotikus.

    Amaranthos helf Thanakles gain in power to cheat death adn become immortal, by becoming a Lich.

    But Thanakles had not yet brought back Kallos
    and Nekrotokus pushed him.

    Thanakles instructed Nekrotokus to kill his father, spilling the blood on Kallos grave as an offering, to bring him back to life.

    Nekrotokus found his father in the graveyard mourning for a fallen soldier comrade, and asked him to come to Kallos grave, there he slit his father’s throat letting it pour out on the grave as he utter the incantations.

    Kallos spirit came but said he was happy in Elysium and wanted no further blood spilled for him.

    Nekrotokus was furious at Thanakles for what he felt as betrayal, and on the night of Thanakles rite to become a Lich, Nekrotokus betrayed and killed him in stead.

    Nekrotokus is a miserable tormented soul who has lost his greatest love and his humanity, and is willing to kill anyone who gets in his way.

    A favorite tactic is to kill someone and then let their corpse fight their former friends for Nekrotokus.

  22. Cliff says:

    OK this week I was listening to “Dracula The Undead” by Dacre Stoker, the (not so) Great Grand Nephew of Bram Stoker and Ian Holmes, a (so called) Dracula expert … don’t bother buying, opening and/or reading this book if you like classic Dracula and hate the Twilight series.
    But it’s main antagonist did inspire me.

    Wether historically the most notorious female serial killer of all time, or fictional vampire who bathed in the blood of female victums,
    I present to you Hungarian Countess:
    Báthory Erzsébet
    aka Elizabeth Bathory the Blood Countess.

  23. EssayM says:

    The Emperor is a being who rules over all the darkest of magical forces…and is completely insane. In ancient times, he was a benevolent sorcerer, one of the few to use his magic for the good of the common people. But that life ended when a rival magician took control of his body and used his power to murder everyone in his village. Conscious but powerless, the sorcerer could do nothing but watch as his own hands brutally ended countless lives, many of them people he had known and loved for years.
    By the time he regained control of himself, the sorcerer’s mind had become warped and twisted beyond all recognition; his humanity, empathy, and reason had deserted him, and the suffering of others no longer meant anything to him. Departing to the Spirit Realm, the sorcerer fought through its many horrible creatures and dark forces to become ruler of them all, earning a fearsome reputation among them and across the entire universe as The Emperor.

  24. Anarchangel says:

    Despite the fact that I’m sure ams is going to win again, here’s one last entry from me.


  25. freshdinnermoff says:

    This is the Fisher King. He is the cruel, amphibious leader of a rebel group seeking to incite a revolution among the Atlanteans. He has the ability to swim at super sonic speeds and to control minds as well as breathing underwater.

  26. JR19759 says:

    Ok guys, this weeks contest is closed. The poll will be up shortly.