Character Design Contest ♯66 (Fashion Show 2) Winner

Another great turn out for this weeks poll. However, unlike last week, this week it was not a close finish, instead the winner had a clear 20 votes over his nearest competitor. And, I believe this is his first CDC win. So please give a big hand for Mattisagamer and his excellent Exyle. Congrats Matt, make sure you see dblade about your prize.

66 mattisagamer- Exyle

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4 Responses to Character Design Contest ♯66 (Fashion Show 2) Winner

  1. Herr D says:

    Congrats to mattisagamer. Your noir meets Shredder (TMNT) looked like a winner to me immediately.

  2. mattisagamer says:

    Wow, this is crazy! Thank you JR and everyone who voted for me. 😀 All the other characters were awesome too! And thanks Herr, I did have that idea in mind while I was creating Exyle haha.

  3. Jeff Hebert says:

    This is beautiful, nice job!

  4. dblade says:

    Well done, mattisagamer. You have already made your request so I won’t order you to go to my thread. 🙂