Character Design Contest ♯41 Results (Fashion Show)

I have to say last weeks contest has to be my favourite that I've done. There were so many excellent entries, it was so hard to pick my top 5. However, there can only be one winner, and I am preparing for more remarks about unfairness due to certain peoples careers and all that, but YOU GUYS voted that this weeks winner was djuby for his piece hautecouture.

41 djuby-hautecouture

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6 Responses to Character Design Contest ♯41 Results (Fashion Show)

  1. Arioch says:

    Very well deserved. That piece was stunning

  2. Congrats, djuby! I love every stitch. The painted domino is a tasteful accent. Keep up the good work. Seriously, you just raised my expectations. ;9

  3. djuby says:

    Thanks for the votes folks. I was in very good company.

  4. Delirious AL:

    I think Pris (Darryl Hannah in Blade Runner).

  5. CantDraw says:

    Great job, as always!