Big Question ♯19

Now, originally I was going to ask about the TMNT cartoons, but considering I haven't seen the newest one yet I can't really form an opinion on that.

However, I am going to allow myself an opinion on the TMNT film scheduled for release in 2014. Megan Fox as April O'Neil, Michael Bay producing....... Anyone else remember the last time these two worked together on a childhood icon of a generation? Oh yeah! It was (comment self-censored for reasons of decency). I will restrain myself from talking about Bay too much, because lets just say I can't remember the last thing of his that I watched and liked, but my main gripe is that I can't see Megan Fox being a good April O'Neil. She's too sultry and seductive and I remember the cartoons from my childhood and whilst April was hot, she was more about her brains than her looks. She might have had to play the damsel in distress more than a few times, but she was easily the one of the smartest characters on the show (mind you that isn't saying much when you're comparing against such intellects as Mikey).

So anyway, two different questions for you. 1. What's your opinion on the up coming TMNT reboot, are you like me and feeling apprehensive or are you willing to give Michael Bay another chance to ruin your childhood? And 2. What's your favourite TMNT cartoon series?

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