The Big Question ♯12



This week, I would like to look at the art of comics. Or to put it in a question, how much does the art affect the overall comic book experience?

Now, obviously we can't ask which is more important, art or writing, because if either was more important than the other we wouldn't have had the awful style over substance '90's. But still, some stories are so intrinsically  linked to a certain art style that it is very hard to imagine them any other way. Would Arkham Asylum or Sandman be considered as highly if they had been done in a style similar to say, The Killing Joke or maybe Dark Knight Returns, or does the quality of writing mean that the story would work no matter what the art? I'll leave that up to you to discuss.

Also, just out of interest, I'd like to know what/ who you guys like when it comes to comic book art and why.

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4 Responses to The Big Question ♯12

  1. Lordgrimm01 says:

    I don’t like Giffen’s art style (he did some Dr. Fate issues…that irritated my eyes). The art that is for this post to me says to me that the artist has…some mental issues.

    Ideally for me this is the style I would like to see:

    or even anime influenced:

    but NOT this:

  2. Renxin says:

    Some stories just demand a certain style of art, and vice versa. If a story is dark, then bright chipper colors all throughout will not be appropriate. And if the story is upbeat then drab ‘n’ dreary artwork won’t do. The story, in my view, definitely depends on the artwork, though different takes on a style can lend different flavors to a particular telling.

  3. Like Renxin said. I put art and design at about one-third of my comic enjoyment. One of the major reasons for using a comic or graphic novel is using the art to tell the story, set the mood, etc. Otherwise, you have a book. Sometimes, I like to read a book and imagine the scenes and characters. A decent writer will provide enough description to open the mind’s eye.

    When I read a comic, I expect the art to be… well, graphic. All of the background and action is there to see. A decent artist will draw you into a story. (Thank you, English homonyms.)

    Books are brain candy while comics are eye candy. Great story and dialogue can overcome for a bad artist. A great artist cannot overcome a bad story. You can judge a comic by its cover. That’s why so many titles use a guest artist for the sleeve.

  4. Frevoli says:

    yeah, if a comic is to get my attention – it needs to be drawn well; nice detailing, clear layout.

    I won’t bother reading on, otherwise