Character Design Contest ♯31 Winner

The results of this weeks poll were close guys, only one vote in it. But, of course, it doesn't matter in the end how close it was because, as they say in Highlander- There can be only one! And this week that one is Anarchangel for Rhapsody.


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4 Responses to Character Design Contest ♯31 Winner

  1. Congratulations, Anarchangel! Great pose. For some reason, the leggings really stand out.

    Personal favorite: Renxin’s Stairway to Heaven

    Other notables (no particular order):
    CantDraw’s Female Elvis Impersonator
    Melmo44’s Guitarist
    Funny tribute to Bobby Darin – Mr. Shark
    RasHead’s Your Phone Bill
    RogueAce’s Galactic Rockers

  2. Anarchangel says:

    Cool. Thanks guys 🙂

  3. Herr D says:

    I forgot to vote, but this was my favorite, too. One question–is she Bohemian?

  4. CantDraw says:

    Well done!