Character Design Contest ♯29 Poll

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5 Responses to Character Design Contest ♯29 Poll

  1. Harlekin says:

    Can i ask a little rename it.

    The character name is Szélanya.


  2. JR19759 says:

    Can i ask a little rename it.

    The character name is Szélanya.


    Done it. Sorry about the mistake

  3. Harlekin says:

    Thanks sorry my idiotic language working with that method to give a t for the end of the word.

  4. First, congrats to the finalists! I don’t think that I have ever seen as many side profiles in a single challenge. Some personal notables (no particular order):

    * Props to madjack for creating both Greek and Egyptian pantheons. All good stuff.

    * Renxin’s Quetzlcoatl: the wings in motion and color
    * Vampyrist’s Camazotz: he designed the character in his style and how he incorporated Camazotz into his own universe
    * Timedrop23’s Angus: though he’s not a myth – he is very real and walks among us mere mortals. 😉

    As an aside, I use “Download Master” for Google Chrome to automagically download pictures. It works really well with direct links, not so much with Photobucket. It’s a real time-saver. Unfortunately, it misses some entries. And, since it is automatic, I can’t tell who created “pq12abc.” Please observe the “Creator Name-Character Name” standard. I really would like to critique and give credit to other designers.

  5. TOOL says:

    Wish everyone could vote for up to three of them, then take best voted out of them all as winner. It was hard to choose one so I went with someones art I appreciate on an overall basis as well.